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We’re taking a break from publishing new articles for the year so we can spend the rest of the holiday season with our families and ring in the new year refreshed and ready to bring you brand new, original content in 2019. Look for our first batch of articles on Monday, January 7. But we’re not totally disappearing. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram over the break!

Before we head out, we thought it would be fun to look back at our most read articles of 2018. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that interspersed among all of these great posts were lots of searches for some of our local and seasonal guides. If you didn’t catch them this year, be on the lookout for our 2019 updates:


Our 10 Top Posts…

7 Things to Know About Having Kids Close in Age

Lots of readers wanted an inside peek into life with kids close in age and others were interested to know if their experiences mirrored the author’s take on the subject. All of that meant lots of views for this honest article. 

[easy-image-collage id=5130]

I’m on Royal Wedding Watch Because Meghan Markle Was My KKG Sorority Sister

We were just as surprised as you to learn that our contributor, Lorrie, went to Northwestern with the Duchess of Sussex, and we were thrilled when she wrote this piece sharing what Meghan was really like in college. 

meghan markle duchess of sussex


The Ups and Downs of Having Kids in My 40’s

This relatable piece shares the pros and cons of having babies after 40, and it motivated a lot of you to comment with your own experiences. 

having kids at 40


Who Is Cardi B and Other Things You Missed While You Were Momming

Glad to know we’re not the only ones who know more about Paw Patrol than we do trending news in pop culture. This primer on all things “lit” was our third most read article and even solicited some critical comments on Facebook blaming the author for not keeping up with the Kardashians, so to speak. Do you try to stay in touch with social trends? How do you do it?

pop culture


{Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom} So What’s the Big Deal About That Food Allergy Scene in Peter Rabbit?

The Peter Rabbit movie garnered some controversy over its treatment of food allergies in the plot, and we were happy to see that so many readers were interested in learning exactly why families dealing with food allergies were so concerned.

Peter Rabbit allergy


Reality Check for Your Busy Mom-Life Stress

We all need a reminder from time to time about what truly matters, and this article hit home with many of you. In the midst of stressing out about getting the perfect holiday card picture, our contributor Wendi got a big wake up call instead.

mom life stress


5 Phrases to Try With Your Toddler Instead of “Can I Help?”

Oh, toddlers. We’ll take all the help we can get with them, even if “Can I help?” is not the question that they want to hear.

what to say instead of can I help


Dear Husband: I See You Every Day, But I Miss You

Nothing puts more stress on a marriage than raising young kids and juggling careers. This anonymous post spells out the experience of this busy season of life perfectly.marriage


When Should You Tone Down the Nudity in Front of Your Kids?

Nudity in front of kids is a question on a lot of parents’ minds, but even if you’ve figured it out for yourself, you’ll crack up at the anecdotes shared in this funny post.

when should you stop being nude in front of your kids


Am I Decluttering the Joy Out of My Kids’ Childhood?

Having children is messy, literally and figuratively, which is why so many of you could relate to the struggle of keeping an orderly home without placing the burden of perfection on our kids.

toy clutter


Want even more top articles from 2018? Head over to San Francisco Moms Blog to see what made their list. We wish you a wonderful end to 2018, and we’ll see you back here in January!


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