Rebecca Lang

Rebecca is the former Managing Editor for both Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog and San Francisco Moms Blog. She and her husband moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in 2008 and love raising their two children in the city. Rebecca worked for two Fortune 500 companies in a variety of HR roles before surprising everyone, including herself, and leaving her job to stay home with her kids. She's written for a variety of online parenting publications including Scary Mommy, Motherly, and YourTango, but promises that she can talk about non-parenting stuff in real life. Follow her on social media at @rlang165 and on BeckyRebecca.com.
Family in San Francisco at Baker Beach

11 Signs You’re a San Francisco Mom

Moms living in San Francisco come in all shapes and sizes but raising kids here does give us a few things in common. Here are 11 signs you're a San Francisco Mom. You've been...
wearing pajamas all day

It’s 2:00 PM and My Kids Are Still in Their Pajamas

My parents always told me that I took after my grandmother. She used to babysit me two days a week, and I was her alarm clock. My arrival was her cue to get out...
postpartum body bounces back after time

The Boob Reboot (No Surgery Required)

About two years after I had my second baby, I wrote a letter to my formerly big boobs thanking them for their service, admitting that I missed them, and coming to terms with my...
My New Red Shoes non profit organization

Help a Local Child in Need Get a Pair of New Shoes for School

I've had four boxes of shoes from Zappos.com delivered over the last five days. We're in Back to School mode, and my kids need new shoes for the start of the school year. Their...
stress of someone else watching kids

A Friendly Reminder to Moms: If You’re Not on Duty, You’re Not in Charge 

One of my girlfriends admitted how hard it was to leave her baby to go work until she embraced a new attitude. If the baby was crying as she walked out the door, instead...
toy swap bin idea to save space, money, and keep kids entertained

Why a Toy Swap Bin Is Genius

  If you are looking for ways to save space, save money, and encourage your child to play independently, then allow me to present the Toy Swap Bin. The idea is simple, but the result...
family of four

Going From One to Two Kids Is the Hardest 

There's a frequently sited statistic that moms of three kids are more stressed than moms of fewer or more kids. On a day-to-day basis, this finding makes sense to me. Moms of one or...
CPMC pediatric er has its own therapy dog

Posey the Therapy Dog Makes Herself at Home in CPMC’s New Location

This post is in partnership with Sutter Health's CPMC. Between my two children, we’ve used the pediatric services of California Pacific Medical Center’s emergency department four times. During one visit, we met Posey the Therapy Dog (aka...
OnTech smart services in-home technology installation

Get Smart – Use OnTech to Set Up Your Smart Home

This post is in partnership with OnTech Smart Services. I'd like to think that I have a "smart home," but I know my house is more like a D+ student. We have smart TVs, use...
making mom friends

3 Reasons It’s Hard Making Friends After Kids + How to Get Through...

I recently got to visit a really good friend who moved away to a new city. We first met in San Francisco when we were in our mid-twenties, both new to town, ready and...
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