Submission Guidelines

We’re so happy that you’re interested in writing for San Francisco Bay Area Moms! Before submitting, we recommend you check out our About Us page to better understand who we are, what we do, and what kind of content we’re interested in publishing.

Here’s the nitty gritty of what we’re looking for in a submission.

What to Write

The topic is up to you.

Our audience is local parents (mostly moms), so the subject of your article should be relatable to our readers: parenting topics (obviously); relationships; career (being a stay-at-home mom counts); local things to do; home & lifestyle; health, fashion & beauty; DIY; seasonal pieces; or blow us away with a totally new subject we haven’t covered yet.

Our goal is to be a supportive resource for all moms in San Francisco Bay Area so don’t be shy in submitting, even if you don’t see your perspective represented in our archived articles. In fact, that’s all the more reason to send in your piece!

We do steer clear of politics and religion because we believe there is more that unites us than divides us and will use our best judgment on whether to entertain submissions in this vein.

Write what you know — as an expert or as a parent with first-hand experience on a particular topic.

Avoid plugging your own business or organization (including affiliate links). If this is your goal, then let’s talk about sponsored content.

How to Write

Articles are typically 500-800 words.

Your post should be written in a conversational tone as if you’re speaking to a friend.

It must be original, meaning the article was not previously published in print or online (even on a personal blog) and cannot be republished without our permission (linking back to our original article is perfectly fine and actually encouraged).

Even though this is informal writing, please use proper grammar. Grammarly is a wonderful resource for this. We can overlook a typo or misplaced comma, but an article that needs a lot of editing may be rejected.

Please submit a short bio with your article and a headshot is always welcome. Everyone likes to put a face to a name!

Within your bio, you’re free to link to your business or organization and anything else you’d like to promote.

Headshots do not need to be professionally taken photos, but please make sure the picture can be cropped to just show you.

Featured Photo(s) in the Article

Embed photos directly into your article.

Horizontally-oriented photos look best.

If the images are not ones you’ve personally taken, please make sure you have the rights to use them.

We do not guarantee the photo submitted will be used, depending on the final layout of the article and quality of the photo.

Timing of Submissions.

We accept articles on a rolling basis.

Our editorial calendar is flexible, and articles typically run 2 weeks after they’re approved.

We do not guarantee that all articles submitted will be published, but following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances of publication.


Give us your best and final draft but please understand that we reserve the right to edit the title and content of all submissions. We’ll make an effort to give you a heads up on changes before your article publishes, but we can’t guarantee this will happen every time.

If you want to get an A+ from our editor, keep these editing guidelines in mind before you submit.

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