Devorie Hecht

Devorie Levin, Co-founder of Chabad of the Neighborhood, enjoys playing with her kids and dancing to music in the kitchen. Devorie hosts Shabbat dinners and is the creator of the pop-up Kosher Deli on West Portal Ave. Connect with Devorie at ChabadNeighborhood.com.
When Your Daughter Says, Hold You

When My Daughter Says, “Hold You”

There are seven minutes left till guests arrive for dinner. I am on turbo mode as I finish plating the food and setting the table. Then I feel a little hand tugging on my...
Four mistakes I made on our most recent road trip

Four Mistakes I Made on our Most Recent Road Trip

We recently took a road trip to Los Angeles for our nephew's Bar Mitzvah celebration.  It's a 6.5-hour drive from San Francisco to LA in normal traffic conditions.  We planned to leave between 5:45 and 6:00...
I am making it a grand birthday celebration! 

I am making it a grand birthday celebration! 

I was overwhelmed these last few weeks, so I decided that my daughter's birthday this year would be celebrated with a cake after dinner with just us; mom, dad, birthday girl, and baby brother. A...
5 Tips for the Work -at-Home-Mom

5 Tips for the Work-at-Home-Mom

The clock is ticking. The familiar unsettlement: unease courses through my body as I tense up. Why? Because I am a work-at-home mom who juggles her non-profit work and caring for her little ones.  After...
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