Elisa Cinelli

Elisa is a loving wife and stay at home mom living in San Francisco's Telegraph Hill neighborhood. A proud sixth-generation San Franciscan, Elisa spent her early years in the Haight-Ashbury before moving to Mill Valley in elementary school. She studied Comparative Literature and French Language at University of San Francisco, where she wrote her thesis on the origins of fairy tales. Along with being the Managing Editor here at San Francisco Bay Area Moms, Elisa also writes for POPSUGAR, FamilyEducation, and OXO Brands.

How to Properly (and Legally) Pay Your Nanny

This post is sponsored by Poppins Payroll So you’ve found the perfect nanny. She’s bilingual, CPR certified, and she got your kid on a solid nap schedule. You feel at ease leaving your little one...
discipline toddlers

Gentle and Effective Methods for Dealing with Toddler Misbehavior

We are a part of Amazon Affiliates Toddlers. They make no sense, amiright? Does anyone really know what level of behavior to expect from them? How do we set boundaries while also respecting their underdeveloped...
nap time

What to Do When Your Toddler Stops Napping (and You’re Not Ready for It)

Nap time: it’s every mom’s moment of solace. Some use it to knock out the chores. Others bring in income working from home while the littles doze. And still others (like me) lead by...

Elisa’s Guest Posts from Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog

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Community for New Moms at Carmel Blue

I’m writing to all the new moms out there who are looking for their support system. Two words: Carmel Blue. When I become a mother, Carmel Blue was a place where I felt I...
relationship advice

4 Unexpected Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong After Kids

Marriage is awesome! It’s like a sleepover with your best friend every night and you always have a shoulder to lean on. Then you have kids and everything changes. You’ve probably been told this...

How to Be a Minimalist with a Toddler

Minimalism: It’s all about owning less and experiencing more. But minimalism with toddlers? I can see you rolling your eyes right now. Hear me out. It’s truly attainable and benefits both your children and...
music class for toddlers in san francisco

Little Bears Music Classes Foster a Love of Music Across SF

This post is sponsored, but the opinions are 100% our own.  My daughter absolutely LOVES music. Since her infancy, she’s been dancing, banging on the piano, and strumming her ukulele while attempting to add vocals....
introducing newborns to cats

Cat, Meet Baby: How to Successfully Introduce Your Newborn and Kitty

Are you pregnant and wondering how this will affect your relationship with your feline friend? The good news is that cats and babies can live in harmony. There are a few things that can...
potty training

How to Choose a Potty Training Method That’s Right for Your Family

Potty training can be a daunting task. When to start? How to do it? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the potty training information out there, fear no more. I read everything I could...
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