How to Be a Minimalist with a Toddler


Minimalism: It’s all about owning less and experiencing more. But minimalism with toddlers? I can see you rolling your eyes right now. Hear me out. It’s truly attainable and benefits both your children and yourself. Read on for four simple ways you can get your ohm on with tiny humans in the mix.

how to be a minimalist with kids

Toy Rotations

Cutting down on toys will obviously reduce clutter. But how can we limit our curious little toddlers to only a few toys? Toy rotations! Store the majority of your toys in bins out of sight. Then put out a limited amount of them (say 5-10) on a designated shelf based on your child’s current interests and developmental level. Switch out the toys on a regular basis. Optionally, you can use themes to keep toy rotations engaging; for example colors, weather, holidays, or animals.

Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? Capsule wardrobes consist of a few quality pieces, most of which go with most of the others. It makes dressing a breeze and reduces the need to fold and store tons of clothes. For your little one, solid color with a few simple prints will coordinate with most everything. Depending on your lifestyle and laundry habits, you really only need four t shirts, two sweaters, a warm jacket, a rain jacket, and two or three bottoms. You can limit shoes to an everyday pair and seasonal shoes like sandals and rain boots, and if you can convince your tiny friend to keep a hat on (I can’t), one for sun protection and one for cold weather. With only a few clothes, you don’t need to stress about laundry, storage, or organization.

Utilize Public Spaces

Taking your child on simple yet entertaining outings will help you minimize the objects you need to store in your home. Public spaces exist both indoors and outdoors. On a nice day, take your child to the park for some active fun, and on a rainy or cold day make use of the public library or children’s museums.

Utilize Nature

When taking your child out, do not neglect the natural world! Outside areas like the beach or a forest offer endless opportunities for fun! Some examples of toys found in nature include seashells, stones, acorns, sticks and dry leaves. And don’t forget the natural sensory materials such as sand and water that little explorers can run their hands through. All of these materials I have mentioned can be used for imaginative play or making collections–both of which toddlers love.

Being a minimalist with littles ones in your midst is really quite simple. Rather than continuing to accumulate items to stimulate your child’s developing brain, look beyond to what the world already offers. I bet you’ll find yourself calmer and your toddler more engaged than ever.


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