Joey Fortman

After 20+ years in radio, Joey Fortman dropped her headphones for a diaper bag and didn’t look back… until she moved to San Francisco in 2018. Until recently, Joey was one of the Top 5 morning shows in San Francisco on 96.5 KOIT. Once again, the diaper bag wins. Except this time it is the backpack and mental health-mothering all while parenting in a pandemic. You could say like many other moms in the Bay Area, Joey joined the SHE-cession because she didn’t have the flexibility to care for kids in crisis. After leaving radio for the first time in 2008 Joey build Real Mom Media and Reality Moms. Real Mom Media is an influencer marketing agency and as a “reformed-mommy-blogger” Joey has worked on campaigns all over the world. Joey has also been a parenting and lifestyle contributor as a travel, tech, and toy expert on many national and local traditional media outlets. Shows like Today Show, Dr. Oz, The Talk, Good Morning America, Fox Philly, KPIX in San Francisco, and hundreds more. Reality Moms is a global community of women that includes over 250 contributors who share the good, the bad, and the funny parts of parenting.

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