Meredith is a transplant to the Bay Area and has fallen in love with the weather, gorgeous scenery, and plethora of local wineries. A wife and mother of two, she works part-time as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. She hails from Texas, where she attended the University of Texas and will always bleed orange. She then moved to Washington DC to attend Georgetown's School of Medicine, where she fell in love with her future husband, a fellow student, and has been happily married for almost a decade. She and her husband lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for several years for their medical training and found it the perfect place to start a family. She relocated to the Bay Area a few years ago and has quickly adapted to West Coast living. Meredith enjoys the balance of part-time working and full-time parenting and loves to write about this ongoing struggle. In her persistent drive to find more "me time", she actively pursues her interests in reading, running, soccer, baking, and wine tasting.

Ask The Psychiatrist: What Can I Do About Sibling Fighting?

Siblings. We love them, we hate them, we love to hate them. It’s hard to imagine not fighting with someone we live with day in and day out. It’s only natural. But I get...

Ask the Psychiatrist: How Can I Help Ease My Child’s Anxiety Returning to School...

With the Delta variant, masking, and over a year of distance learning, there are a lot of reasons why kids and teens might be anxious about returning to school in person this fall. Here are...

How to Cope With Your Child’s COVID-Crazy Behavior

It’s an understatement to say the past four months have been tumultuous as COVID-19, Shelter-in-Place, racial injustice, and school closures have wreaked havoc on our daily lives. While adults cope with this in certain...

I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This But I Miss My Commute

I read a meme the other day that made me both laugh and cry. It said, “Sitting alone in your car outside your house counts as self-care.” This hit home for me because since...

How Schitt’s Creek Prepared Us for Quarantine

My partner and I are five seasons into Schitt’s Creek, and it’s quickly becoming exactly what we need during this time of isolation. We began the show right before coronavirus started rocking our world,...

How the Coronavirus Has Reminded Me To Fill My Own Cup

I recently connected with a friend and at the end of the phone call, she said to me, thank you so much, you have filled my cup. I have heard this expression before, but with...

Coming To Terms With COVID-19

I went to bed one night in early March and when I woke up our entire world had changed. At first, I ignored the significance of it, dismissing it as someone else’s problem. That...
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Coping With Anxiety Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s a very unusual and anxiety-provoking time for most of us. Our lives have been disrupted in ways we could never have imagined possible even a few weeks ago, and the fear of the...

What Does Social Distancing Mean For My Family?

By now you’ve all heard that we need to be practicing social distancing like, yesterday. Social distancing refers to staying away from people and maintaining a safe distance of six feet or more. But...

How To Catch a Leprechaun

  Last March, our kids came home from school on St. Patrick’s Day eve and announced, to my horror, that a Leprechaun was going to come to our house that night and play lots of...
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