After four moves in six years (from Texas to Connecticut to Virginia!), Alessandra and her husband are excited to call San Francisco home for now. Alessandra has boy/girl twins born in November 2017 and is learning how to navigate the city with a double stroller and a dog. She works part-time for a startup and hopes to start teaching Barre again (in all her spare time). With all of their family on the East Coast, Alessandra is excited to be a part of this West Coast community. Foller her at alessandramarie.com and on Instagram: @alessmarie.

I Don’t Have a Mom Squad and I Don’t Feel Like I Need One

I was never the kind of girl who was a part of a group of friends. I don’t have a named group chat. There are no girls’ trips. Instead, I have great friends all...
passport for kids in san francisco

How to Get a Passport for Kids in San Francisco Without the Stress

Getting a passport for kids in San Francisco doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it does take some planning. Lucky for you, I did my research, and I’m here to share it with...
toilet paper

Potty Training Is Hard and That’s OK

Potty training fails sometimes, but you know what? It will happen eventually. A friend recently told me that the three hardest phases of parenthood are potty training, shoe tying, and driving. So far, that...

Favorite Toys 2019: Lovevery Block Set

We participate in Amazon’s Affiliate Program. We asked our contributors to share one of their child’s all-time favorite toys to help you build a holiday gift list that will be a hit. After all, toys are...
twin toddlers laying in a bed

5 Benefits to Having Twins

My twins just turned two. A few months ago, I ran into another mom who had three-year-old twin girls. As we chatted, she said, “Isn’t having twins just the best?!” While I didn’t really...
toddler crying and refusing to take medicine

Getting Your Toddler to Take Medicine

My sister loved Dimetapp as a kid. There’s an old family story about how she once helped herself to the bottle (but was totally fine, not to worry!). Initially, our twin toddlers were also fine...
Mother holding sleeping baby on airplane

Should I Fly the Red-Eye with My Baby?

"Should I fly the red-eye with my baby?" I see this question come up a lot in the mom groups on Facebook because moms are worried that taking a late-night cross-country flight with a...
san francisco mom posing with electric cargo bike that fits two toddlers

Ditch the Car and Get an E-Bike

Driving in San Francisco sucks. Let’s just all agree to that. When we first moved here and looked at a map, I remember thinking how accessible the city looked. Our new apartment was only...
camping in yosemite

Autocamp Yosemite: How to Go Camping If You Hate Camping

I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t like camping. The good news is that my husband doesn’t like camping either. We feel exactly zero pressure to take our kids camping. While...
twin toddlers leaving class in a wagon

We Had to Quit a Class

I started taking my twins to little classes/activities around town at about six months old. Initially, I would only do it if I could get my husband to come or on the rare occasion...
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