Amy is a technologist by trade and a writer by nature. Wife to a dashing web designer, mother to a beautiful, thoughtful daughter, adorable, slightly less civilized son, and a Yorkshire Terrier who came first and is still waiting for the non- furry babies to leave. As a work-from-home mom, she believes work/life balance is not a concept but a daily (sometimes exhausting) goal. She is always in search of a community that fosters her belief that sameness is boring, money is only a means to see the world and there are no rules we should impose on one another in this life other than Be Kind. She loves her family, lives to travel, and firmly believes that a homemade meal, a handmade cocktail and an episode of the Bachelor (a day late because she doesn’t own a tv) can cure almost anything.
group of little girls

Social Skills Ruin Everything

Yesterday I was at the park watching my five-year-old daughter try to engage with a group of little girls. There were four of them; they were about her age and they clearly knew one...
wine glass in front of beautiful ocean landscape. suggestions for places to outside with kids near san francisco

Spring Is Here—Get Some Sunshine and a Cocktail (And Bring Your Kids)!

  Spring is here and I have months of cabin fever I need to address. My soul needs to get out of my house and be somewhere I can just sit and watch the world...
wine country paso robles

The Best Long Weekend in California Wine Country (and It’s Not in Napa)

Did you know that the time between President's Day (in February) and the very last Monday of May (Memorial Day) marks the longest time of the year that there is not a single federal...
toddler throwing toys

My Son Is a Little Chucker

Today I was in my bedroom finishing up a brief phone call when I heard swooshhhhh, swooshhhhh coming from the bathroom. About twenty minutes earlier, both my kids had taken those (rather large) plastic cups...
sibling relationships

Does My Kids’ Bond Have to Break?

I have a daughter and a son. Right now the bond between them is magical and I don’t want it to ever change. Seems pretty reasonable to me. My daughter came first. We didn’t know until she...

If It’s Not the Flu, Then WHAT Is It?

Last Saturday I was at home sitting at dinner with my family when I felt an attack of my physical and emotional well being on a cellular level. “I think I need to go lie...
california fires

What Is Wrong with Us?

California is on fire, again. Over 600 people are still missing. Homes are gone, lives are over, and our resident billionaire is singing karaoke at the bar. What is wrong with us? This is the worst...

Can We Please Celebrate the Holidays One at a Time?

I love the holidays, but I swear if we’re not careful, our kids are going to think jack-o-lanterns say ho-ho-ho. What is going on lately? I can’t believe it’s Christmas again already, says the woman holding...
why do kids love watching moms poop

I Just Want to Poop by Myself

I am a woman, and so I have a terrible relationship with my digestive system. I think it’s hilarious when a doctor asks on a routine visit if I have any stomach problems. I...
letting go

When Do I Have to Stop Touching My Son?

The other day I was strolling down a park path with my family. It was late August and freezing, and there was a guy just ahead of us, maybe late twenties, walking next to...
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