10 Things Only Moms in San Francisco Can Say


raising a family in san franciscoWe’re lucky to be raising our families in San Francisco, but some of the things we say tend to strike our non-city dwelling friends and family as, well, a bit odd.

  1. Hmm, I don’t know if we’ll be able to have the party outside. It’ll be summertime, so it might be too cold.
  2. I can’t decide whether to take the kids to the anti-racist story time at the natural parenting store or drag queen storytime at the library.
  3. Where is it sunny right now in the city?
  4. Yes, there’s a great public school down the street, but I’m not sure if we’ll win the lottery – the public school enrollment lottery, that is.
  5. Oh, look, honey! This three bedroom apartment is only $4,000 a month. We should check it out!
  6. I had to push the stroller four blocks out of my way to avoid walking up that giant hill. I mean, I still walked up a hill, but at least it wasn’t that bad.
  7. What’s the parking situation? Ugh, I wish Uber had car seats.
  8. Yes, you need a jacket this morning. The fog is so thick you can’t see Sutro tower.
  9. I love living in a place that prides itself on being unique and supporting local businesses, but… yeah, I kind of wish there were more drive-through coffee options around here.
  10. Yes, sweetie. I know that man is naked. It’s Bay to Breakers.

Three cheers to experiencing motherhood the City by the Bay way!


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