10 Things You Need to do This January


I know this is the season for resolutions, but just think of this as a to-do list for January.  There are certain “little” things we can do that make our lives easier, feel cleaner, and lower stress.  Here are my top 10 things you need to do this January. 

  1. Throw crap out! You know that “arts and crafts” bin? You don’t need to keep those broken crayons and dried out markers.  Throw them out! What about broken toys? Yup- gone!  Once you’ve cleaned up the kids stuff, pick some clothes out of your closet and donate them. If you haven’t worn it in 2 yrs, you aren’t going to! Now, head to the refrigerator.  You know that salad dressing that has been there a year? Yeah, it should go. You get the idea…
  2. Buy new underwear.  Personal, I know but amiright? How nice would it be to have a few new pairs of panties and maybe a new bra.  You don’t have to spend a fortune.  Just get rid of some of those pieces that maybe have seen too much during the process of motherhood, if you know what I mean, and replace them with something that makes you feel good. 
  3. Find a new recipe and maybe even try a new vegetable.  Have you ever cooked with beets? turnips? Try something new.  You may find a new meal that can move into your normal rotation.  Plus, exposing kids to different flavors helps them learn how to eat a balanced diet. 
  4. Plan a trip.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Maybe it’s a day trip to Monterey or Wine Country or maybe a few days in Mexico or Tahoe.  Maybe it’s with kids, or maybe not! Having something fun on the calendar gives us something to look forward to when going through a stressful time like- The Terrible Twos!
  5. Buy some plastic bins.  Toys can be organized and put away in nice, clean, plastic bins. Ahhh- I love it when my house is organized.  You can rotate the toys (toys are like new again) or just use this as storage in your child’s closet or in your living spaces. 
  6. Go through your make-up bag.  How many things do you really use on a daily basis?  Take everything out and just add those things you really need/ use back in. You can store the other “once in a while products” somewhere else in your bathroom.  My make-up bag is literally 5 lbs, and I barely wear mascara most days, ha!
  7. Set a goal. Big or small. Setting and reaching goals makes you feel good!  My husband and I set 4 each January: Family, Personal, Community, and Work.  Do it with you partner or a friend, so they can help keep you on track!
  8. Stock up on supplies.  I bet you use the same paper towels and toilet paper that you have for years, right? Well, then buy them in bulk.  How annoying is it when you run out of something so regular. If you have the space, stock up!  Shampoo, face soap, kids’ soap, toothpaste, trash bags, detergent, etc.  I hate having to run to the store for these things, and I always seem to run out when it’s raining or one of my kids are sick!
  9. Make a hair appointment.  If you are like me, and I am embarrassed to say this, you get your hair cut like twice a year. Make it a priority, because you too are special!  Book it, even if it’s a few months from now. Get it on the schedule, and then plan around it.  If you wait, you will never squeeze it in. 
  10. Sleep.  I know, this is obvious, but you need sleep. Take some extra time and get your sleep.  A rested mommy doesn’t get sick as much, can keep her cool during a melt-down better, and just feels better overall.  Force yourself to sleep during an afternoon nap time or go to bed an hour early every once in a while.  You’ll be glad you did! 

Happy January!


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Kelly migrated to San Francisco in 2009 after living in Chicago, Florida, and growing up in Texas. She is happy now to call the Bay Area her home. She is a licensed Physician Assistant and previously worked in OBGYN and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With the support of her husband and college sweetheart, Rob, she took a break from medicine to do something more creative! In addition to running San Francisco Moms Blog, Kelly is mommy to Mr. Gavin and Mr. Byron. She is happy to be the princess of the house! When she is not working or chasing her boys, she loves cooking, college football, and spending time and traveling with her family.



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