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Morgan 1“Oh, you know Morgan, too?”  I’ve started several conversations this way while chatting with other moms in my neighborhood. Morgan Brasfield, a fellow mom on the Laurel Heights, Presidio Heights, and Inner Richmond playground circuit, is immediately engaging and friendly and seems to know most of the local moms on, at least, a “smile and wave” basis.  I completely understand why.  Her warm demeanor and genuine interest in you makes it feel like you’ve known her forever.  It’s also what makes her good at her job as a journalist and freelance television producer.

Most recently, she’s using her skills to write her own website, DRIVEN for Women, which spotlights “incredible women and the careers that drive them.”  I wanted to share a little bit about Morgan and her site because she’s documenting inspiring stories that recognize great achievements of everyday women from all walks of life.  Her blog is a labor of love, something she’s driven to do (pun intended), and she should get a few pats on the back for taking this on.  She also has some great insights on what stories have resonated most with moms in her audience, and there’s a takeaway there for all of us.  

Her subjects are varied, and she says she is dedicated to making sure the bulk of her profiles are of ordinary women whose accomplishments aren’t always recognized. She’s profiled, among others…

Heidi – who became a Kate Middleton impersonator to support herself and two children

Lenore who launched her cupcake shop and non-profit after her son passed away from Leukemia

Melissa—who started an innovative healthcare company while raising two young boys

Havin—who single-handedly opened a coffee shop in San Francisco after emigrating from Kurdistan

Her purpose:  “Inspire women to pursue their passion and share their story along the way.”  

Morgan 4Morgan lights up when talking about the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of other women.  To make it happen, she steals time throughout the day to interview her subjects and write their stories. She stays up late, works during her toddler’s nap time, and spends a few hours away from her family on the weekends.  “I learn something from every woman I interview,” Morgan explains.  The women she interviews keep her inspired, and in turn, the profiles she creates are pretty compelling reads.  

As her readership grows, she’s reaching women and men across the country and says that different profiles touch people for different reasons.  Still, there’s been a common theme among the moms in her audience.  “I’ve featured several women who have taken hard left turns in their careers and have been successful at it.”  This idea strikes a chord with moms. Morgan notes, “If you’re going to spend time away from your kids, the hope is that it’s to do something you love.”  

Mothers planning to get back into the workforce and moms already working seem to appreciate reading about women who have successfully made changes in their lives, on their own terms.   Since Morgan profiles such a wide range of women, she’s also exposing her audience to jobs we might not have considered or even knew existed.  Who knew being a celebrity impersonator could be lucrative and empowering?  

Throughout each profile, Morgan asks four particular questions to paint a multi-faceted picture of the woman she’s featuring.  As we know all too well, women, and especially moms, not only wear many hats, we usually wear many of them at the same time.  Morgan’s questions help paint the whole picture of who this person is, not just the “career woman” or “mom.”

She asks…

  1. What do you do?
  2. How do you do it?
  3. Would you do it all over again?
  4. …and her favorite, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I propose she adds a fifth question:  “What celebrity do you look like,” but I admit that one may not be as productive as the first four.  So going back to Morgan’s original questions, what would your answers be?  Whether your responses make you more appreciative of what you already have or motivate you to make a change, the success stories on Morgan’s site will encourage you to stay driven toward your own personal goals.

Morgan 2As for Morgan, I won’t be surprised if her endless curiosity, heart of gold, and talent lead to even bigger things for herself and DRIVEN for Women.  

If you would like to nominate an incredible woman to be profiled, you can do so on the site.

Photos courtesy of Morgan Brasfield.


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