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img_7973*This post is sponsored- but the thoughts and feelings are our own, and we only work with businesses we believe to be reputable and resourceful to our readers.

If you are like me, you never spend time on yourself; your kids, your family, your work always come first. I find it difficult to set aside time for things like going to the gym or getting a manicure or pedicure.  And it’s not because I don’t have help–I am very fortunate to have an amazing husband and a wonderful nanny.  It’s simply because I feel guilty.  I feel like I should be spending my time doing “other” things that need to be completed to keep the house or my business running.

I know you hear me.  So, when I tell you my hair secret, you will love it. I use Madison Reed and have for a couple of years now.  It makes dying your hair easy: High-quality coloring, fewer chemicals, on my own time!

Unfortunately, I inherited my mother’s early graying; I was 21 when my hair started to turn gray.  Now in my mid-30s (ouch!), I feel like I am an expert on dying my hair to hide those annoying, stubborn grays. I have tried it all, from the salon to the boxed products at the drugstore, and in between…but what’s in between?  For a while there was nothing in between, and there were only two options for hair color: spending a large amount of money each month at the salon or buying products at the drugstore that were drying out my hair.  I opted for the drugstore route for years because it just wasn’t feasible to go to the salon every three weeks, which is really what I needed to keep my hair in check.

But then I wanted to get pregnant….doesn’t that change everything?  I couldn’t imagine dying my hair with harsh chemicals during my pregnancy, and so I refused to.  That’s when I started using Madison Reed.  

Madison Reed offers an at-home, safe, low-chemical hair dye at a reasonable price. They avoid PPD, ammonia, parabens and other harmful additives. (Check out their list of “Ingredients with Integrity.”)  Your hair color, gloves, barrier cream, cleansing wipes, and nourishing shampoo and conditioner all get delivered to your door on a schedule. So, I don’t even have to think about it. And if I want to I can dye my hair at midnight, which is usually when I don’t feel guilty about doing it!

Choosing my color was easy.  Madison Reed offers color specialists to help you find the best product for your desired look and style of hair. They make it easy! They also have compact powders you can purchase for touching up your roots in between if needed.  This is HUGE. You have enough to worry about; stop stressing about your grays.

You will notice a difference when you apply your color cream.  You feel like you are at the salon.  It doesn’t stink like the drugstore chemicals; in fact, it smells nice.  I literally have breastfed my kids while my hair was processing because I was confident in Madison Reed’s safety (quite the photo op–thank goodness I have a sweet husband!).  My hair is always super soft and smooth when I am finished, too, which makes me feel fabulous.

When you open your box of Madison Reed, it says, “Hello, beautiful!”  I love that message.  Busy moms deserve to feel glamorous, even if we do sport mom buns and yoga pants most of the time!

Find your perfect hair color now!

*Always talk to your physician before dying your hair if you are pregnant or nursing. 


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