6 Great Outdoor Spots to Explore with Your Kids on the Peninsula


cI’m sure you can agree, the Bay Area is such an awesome place to live! Anyone who has been here knows that our area has so much to offer in terms of getting out and about and enjoying the outdoors. The weather is mild year round, and it is not uncommon to experience 70 degree weather anytime of the year. We’ve got forests, the bay, hiking trails, the ocean, and tons of beautiful parks and open spaces to explore.

The City is fun, but the Peninsula has a lot to offer too. Here are our favorite free outdoor places to enjoy with your kids that go beyond the standard playground!

c2Redondo Beach, Half Moon Bay 

There are lots of beaches to explore in Half Moon Bay, but this one takes the cake. The sand is clean and soft, the waves crash on some large boulders just off the beach, and there is a tide pool to explore!

Wunderlich Park, Woodside 

A hillside area of Redwood forest, open meadows, and beautiful oaks. This area is largely open space, with a system of beautiful trails for both riding and hiking. Trails run along gulches and creeks, others take you to breathtaking views of the countryside, and all traverse unique hillside habitats. You can also see a lot of horses and horse back riders along the trails which is fun for the little ones. The Folgers horse stables are open to the public as well.

c3Coyote Point Recreational Area, San Mateo 

There is so much to do at Coyote Point: picnicking, swimming, windsurfing, bicycling, jogging, fishing, boating, and sailing to name a few! Kids of all ages love the huge, castle-and-dragon-themed Magic Mountain Playground with its giant slides. This is also a great spot for watching the windsurfers or airplanes landing at San Francisco International Airport. Don’t forget to visit CuriOdyssey, a science and wildlife center for kids with its fantasticscience exhibits, animal encounters and educational programs

Sawyer Camp Trail, San Mateo

This biking and walking trail runs along the Crystal Springs Reservoir and is a great place to take children who want to run, nature watch, or bike ride.

c4Laurelwood Park, San Mateo 

This is a fun little hidden park tucked into a small valley in the hills of San Mateo. The wood play structure is fenced in, there are picnic tables and benches, as well as a grassy area for picnicking or playing chase or catch. There are also a few awesome hiking trails with breathtaking views of the area. There is also a long bike trail that makes the area perfect for learning to ride a bike!

Magical Bridge Playground, Palo Alto 

This park is fun for everyone! It was designed to be a socially inclusive playground for children of varying physical and cognitive abilities. From the 24-string laser harp, to the variety or slides and swings this park is like no other in our area. This is a park for the senses!



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