How to Create a Secret St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Visit For Your Kids


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A friend of mine does an amazing job each St. Patrick’s Day staging a secret Leprechaun visit the night before.  Her creativity brings her kids so much joy on St. Patrick’s Day morning, and I asked if I could share her ideas so that you too could have a magical St. Patrick’s Day!  Enjoy!

First, tell your kids you heard about a magical Leprechaun that travels from house to house on the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day spreading Irish cheer. Get them excited before bed that something magical may happen overnight!  Then, after they are asleep, set up your house using all or some of these ideas to make it seem like a real magical Leprechaun was there overnight.  (Make sure to act surprised too as you and your kids find these “mysterious” changes throughout the house the next morning.)

  1. Dye your milk green.
  2. Pour Lucky Charms all over your counter, as though a sneaky and quick little Leprechaun made a mess.
  3. Put green mustache cutouts on some of your family photos.
  4. Write St. Patrick’s Day/ Leprechaun jokes on the bathroom mirrors in green lipstick.
  5. Turn your kids around in their beds (if you can), like they were magically moved.
  6. Dye the toilet bowl water green.
  7. Put St. Patrick’s Day hats, mustaches, or beads on your kids while they are sleeping and then take photos that you will “unexpectedly” find on your phone the next morning.
  8. Leave green jellybeans or M&M’s throughout the house.
  9. Kiss your kids’ cheeks with green lipstick while they are sleeping.
  10. Have the Leprechaun leave a gold coin that can be used in exchange for something.
  11. Make a video on your iPad like the Leprechaun got a hold of it, running through your house, spilling Lucky charms, running in to use the bathroom (which is why the water is green), drinking milk (which is why the milk is green), etc.
  12. Leave a hat or bow tie on the floor by the door as if the Leprechaun left in a hurry out of the house.

I hope you have a visit from the magical Leprechaun and that you enjoy some St. Patrick’s Day Irish cheer. Leave a comment if you can think of any other creative ideas!

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