Child Care During a Pandemic


Thinking about Childcare? Here’s what you need to know in 2021

Parents are having to make tough choices about finding child care for their children. In some cases, they feel that they need to sacrifice cost for safety, especially during COVID-19. We recently sat down with the CEO of Upfront, Dana Levin-Robinson to talk about the all things child care, especially child care during a pandemic. She had some practical steps for parents to consider when looking for child care, whether it is an immediate need or something in the near future.

Upfront’s co-founder, Shefali writes, “According to Child Care Aware, average child care fees are more than what families spend on food and transportation combined. However, finding affordable childcare presents a challenge in itself. In 28 states the average cost for one child in daycare was higher than tuition at a four-year public college.”

That is a staggering statement.

Watch the entire interview for the steps you should take, the red flags to look for when touring a child care center, and learn how to use Upfront’s site to search for child care that is in your budget and within your location.


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