Happy Hanukkah! Crafts and Snacks to Celebrate


Hanukkah starts this evening, and we thought it would be fun to give you some super easy craft and snack ideas to celebrate with the kids!

Popsicle Star of David

Let your kids go crazy painting 6 popsicle sticks blue.  Once they have dried, glue 3 together to make 2 triangles.  Allow them to dry. Then glue the triangles together making the Star of David.  Finish with  a blue ribbon to display your star. 

*For older kids, you can glue 1 sheet of blue tissue paper behind the star (once it is constructed, trace the star and cut out the perfect size).  Then hang it in the sun for a stained glass look! And/or decorate your star with glitter and rhinestones. 


Everyone loves to eat blue-painted popsicles! Yummy!


Hanukkah Hand Prints


Use blue and yellow paint to create your own Menorah Keepsake!

Use the blue paint first and allow it to dry before adding the yellow flames (we used the thumb print for the flames). Make sure to cross over the two thumbs to create the shamash/ helper candle in the middle. 

And don’t forget to add the date! 



Edible Dreidels  


Healthy option- 

Cut apples into squares and cheese into triangles.  (I bought a block of cheddar cheese, so it was easy to cut triangles). 

Puncture your square apples and triangle cheese bites with a cooking skewer first. Then once you have a small hole, carefully push a pretzel through! 




Sweet option-

First use a sharp kitchen knife to cut graham cracker “sticks” (It works best to “saw” with the knife back and forth slowly, instead of just chopping through- this will break the cracker).  Use a knife to puncture the marshmallow creating a pocket.  Then, push the graham cracker stick into place. 

Then hold your marshmallow (by your graham cracker handle) over a small candle flame. Do NOT use this over a fit pit, or in a fireplace- this handle is too short. You MUST help your child with this.  Once the marshmallow is soft and toasted to your liking, gently push and twist on the Hersey’s kiss.  The twisting action is what makes it melt and stick into place!




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