10 Fun Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


We all need a break sometimes, and one of my favorite ways to zone out is to scroll my Instagram feed. Here are some of the fashion, celebrity, and humor Instagram accounts I love to follow.

Jennifer Garner | @jennifer.garner

She acts.  She cooks. She is a philanthropist.  She is a mom. She fan girls over other celebrities.  Who doesn’t love Jennifer Garner? Seriously?

Eva Chen | @evachen212

As the Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram, she is very fashionable and very active on the site.  Chen is the former editor of Lucky magazine and beauty director at Teen Vogue. She also happens to be a super mom-boss who does it all in clothing fresh off the runway with her celeb besties and still manages not to leave you hating her.  It doesn’t hurt she has a totally normal-seeming husband (don’t let it fool you, he founded SXM, a company that produces digital content), who seems along for the ride.

The Home Edit | @TheHomeEdit  

These are the famous Nashville-based besties who organize celebrity closets, fridges, and every other nook and crannies you can think of.  Their account is a rabbit hole of rainbow walls, color-coded Legos, and alphabetized spice racks. Fair warning—you can lose hours of your day trying to replicate their masterful creations in your own home.

Chrissy Teigen | @ChrissyTeigen

This doesn’t even really need explaining, but if you are in the one percent of people who don’t know how funny, amazing, and self-deprecating Chrissy Teigen is, just follow her now.

Stoney Clover Lane | @StoneyClover

These adorable make-up and travel bags are a must for moms, who carry basically everything at all times.  They make organizing a cinch, and on top of that, most are customizable!

Reese Witherspoon | @ReeseWitherspoon

Ditto to everything about Jennifer Garner, plus fashion!

Ring Concierge | @RingConcierge

New York City-based jewelry designer, who not only posts drool-worthy jewelry multiple times per day but also affordable pieces too.  She also posts her morning coffee run every day, and who can’t relate to that?

Overheard in New York (or London. Or LA. Or Bay Area) | @OverheardNewYork

Pick your poison. I’m a New York transplant, so I go with what I know, but no matter which city you choose, they are hilarious.  Real people submit ridiculous comments they have overheard, and sadly, they are usually spot on to the city.

Kensington Royal | @KensingtonRoyal

Who doesn’t need royal updates on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle?  Since this is the official page of Kensington Palace, you can be sure this is not fake news.

Comments by Celebs | @CommentsbyCelebs

Literally, screenshots of celebrities commenting on random photos—odd but addictive.

What accounts do you enjoy following on Instagram? Don’t forget to add Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog (@mpmomsblog) to the list!


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