Can Mommies Feel Oscar-Ready in Daily Life


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So, we may not be movie stars, but we are super stars!  Moms truly do have superpowers.  We can shower in less than five minutes, cook a whole meal for the family in one episode of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,”  and clean our entire house and do laundry during a one-hour nap!  We multitask and get things done!  We are pretty amazing!  So, why can’t we feel Oscar-Ready Fabulous sometimes? Here are a few ideas to make you feel more like a woman and less like a mommy covered in spilled milk.

Plan a “fancy” date night.  

Date nights are so important for your sanity as a couple and for your relationship as a whole.  Sometimes it feels good not to have a conversation about your children, as much as you love talking about their daily milestones or accomplishments. For this date, get dressed up!  Wear something fancy, put on the red lipstick, or try those earrings you never can wear because your child would likely pull them out of your ears. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy dinner, although that does sound fabulous.  You can just go out for drinks with your man. No one has to know you just came from your house dressed like that. Let them assume you just left a fabulous dinner party or high-profile fundraiser. Just enjoy being dressed up with your man!

Get some new shoes.

So, you don’t actually have to buy new shoes, just pull a pair out of your closet that you haven’t seen in a while. I have a habit of wearing the same shoes ALL the time. We have a little shoe rack by our front door, and I usually grab the same two pairs over and over.  Take a look in your closet and pull out shoes you haven’t worn in ages.  Sounds silly, but it can really make you feel better about your outfit.  This also goes for clothes.  Step out of the yoga pants for a day (I know, I love them too!) and wear your skinny jeans hiding in the closet.  I bet you will rock them!

Take an extra 15 minutes every day for yourself.  

This is the advice my mother used to give me growing up, and I used to hate it, but it is true. This short window of time for yourself can really make a difference in your appearance or in your self-confidence.  In 15 minutes, you can throw on a coat of nail polish, take a longer shower to shave your legs, flat iron your hair, do some crunches, add some mascara and lip gloss to your look,  etc.

Now, most moms don’t have 15 minutes during the waking hours of our children, that I know.  But, take your extra 15 minutes while your kids are asleep in the morning, at night, or while they’re napping. Set that time aside for yourself. As my mother always said, “The difference between a pretty woman and a beautiful woman is 15 minutes!”

Get some aromatherapy.  

When you do have the chance to go to the spa, it always smells amazing, right? Just walking in the door and smelling the aromatherapy makes you feel zen, and I always ask myself, “Why don’t I do this at home?”  

My husband recently bought me a nebulizer with scented oils.  We usually plug it in our room after our son is down while we are unwinding, working on our computers, or watching TV. It smells amazing and truly does make you feel a little pampered in your daily life.  f not a nebulizer, go get some scented candles.  There is no reason your room can’t smell like a day spa every once in a while, even if you are lounging around in your jammies.

Remember, these are simple things that can make you feel more alive as a woman!  We too deserve a little pampering in our daily lives now and then.  Even though most of us will never walk that red carpet, we are all pretty fabulous!

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