3 Steps to Finding Rest in Your Busy Day


As a Rest Coach and Strategist, I often hear from my clients that they are super busy and don’t have the time to rest during the day.

Here are three easy steps to find a moment to recharge your energy during the busiest of days:

Step 1: Set the Timer

Set a timer on your phone for 1 (one), 3 (three), or 5 (five) minutes, depending on your availability at this moment!

Do I mean right now? You bet I do! 

Otherwise, you will go on being busy and tired and, as a result,forget about this because our brains can only hold so much.

Step 2: No looking at screens.

After turning your timer on (Yes, you are doing it now!) – turn off your screen(s), and if possible, turn away from your screen(s).

Imagine spinning on a chair to face whatever your back looks at the whole day. 

Step 3: Find your happy place.

For the duration of the timer (it will notify you when it’s done counting, I promise!) Do not look at any of your screens. Instead, breathe slowly, stretch any part of your body that feels stuck, and imagine a happy place you want to be at.

I love looking outside my window because I can see the Pacific Ocean on the horizon. I can imagine it being there even on the foggiest days in San Francisco.. 

Bonus Step 4: Repeat daily.

After your alarm/timer tells you to stop this process, put a daily reminder on your calendar to repeat this sequence. And when the reminder comes tomorrow – do it again for 1 minute more!

Even on the busiest, craziest days I bet you can find 1 minute to dedicate to yourself.

If your brain is telling you that “one minute a day is not going to do much,” – I want you to consider this the one minute is the first step in the direction you want to go.

Every day when you take a moment to yourself – it’s one more step towards a more rested and recharged you. On this journey we call life, every step counts.

Your body and mind are out of practice of allowing you to rest.

I believe that to reintroduce the practice of resting, you do not need a long FOMO-filled vacation to “escape” your reality.

You need to start by introducing tiny experiments like I described above (aka steps) that will show your nervous system as well as train your brain that rest is a good thing, and that you do not need to earn the right to rest! You already have done enough!

If you want support, guidance, and accountability in finding more intentional moments of rest every day – sign up for my Free 5 Days of Rest challenge by visiting www.Rest.Coach or email me at AR@rest.coach

Because you deserve rest!



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