Eating More Greens :: An interview with Dr. Nick Borja


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Like most moms, I struggle with getting greens into my toddler. I wish there were an easy solution.

Today, I’m so excited to share some thoughts and ideas from Dr. Nick Borja: a surgeon, a father of two adorable boys, and now a business owner (he’s also my old friend from medical school!).

Motivated to help his patients eat better, and also by his own personal desire to be healthier, he decided to create a health food solution — Nosha

Turns out, it’s also great for a multitasking mom and a picky toddler!  You should try it! 

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Hope you enjoy this interview and feel as inspired as I did!

First, tell us a bit about you and your background!

Sure! I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I studied English at Williams College in Massachusetts, received my medical degree at University of Pennsylvania, then moved to UT Southwestern in Dallas for general surgery residency. Most recently, I completed a two-year lab fellowship studying cancer biology under an NIH research grant. Now I’m a practicing physician and entrepreneur in Dallas who is convinced that the most effective way to fight disease is through the way we eat.

How would you define your diet? How has it changed over the years?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been moving towards a whole food, plant-based diet. Right now, that means I eat lots of plants at every meal. I still do eat a modest amount of meat. Lately I’ve been focused on cutting out processed foods from my diet, but still have work to do there. I used to be totally thoughtless when it came to food. Basically just ate whatever seemed most tasty. The switch over to plant-based diet had a pretty dramatic effect on me. I lost 10 lbs. quickly and without much effort. And I’ve felt more energized throughout the day. That’s been a big motivator for me to keep evolving my diet.

What is it like balancing fatherhood, doctoring, and being a startup founder?

Fun. Challenging, of course, but really, really fun. I’m growing in a lot of ways at once. My patients, their struggles and triumphs, really motivate me to make a difference. I don’t think I could ever stop being a doctor. It’s become part of me. And the startup experience has been invigorating. I am also a husband and father, and those roles have been the foundation for everything else. I’m only able to do what I do because of the support of my wife, and the joyfulness of my children. They remind me to be present for the journey and not fixate on the outcome. I’m learning a million things at once, and all for a deep purpose. I really believe, particularly now, we can’t wait for the world to change, we have to change it.

I’m always interested in people’s dietary habits – what is a typical day of food for you?

I wake up with the boys around 5:30 a.m. and usually drinking my first sip of coffee around 6 a.m. Once I drop Alex off at pre-school, I sit down at work and have Nosha for breakfast around 9 am. Then sometime between 1 pm – 2 pm I’ll warm up a frozen meal from Trader Joes for lunch. It keeps my workday moving. For dinner my wife Annie usually cooks a vegetarian meal- often from our Green Chef meal delivery service. Then I’m off to work at the hospital for the evening.

Tell us about your boys’ diets?

Alex is two and a half. He eats a lot of fresh fruit, whole-grain bread and cereals, and plenty of eggs and cheese. He likes squash and cauliflower soups, and lately he’s been enjoying bell pepper slices dipped in hummus. William just turned one and we’ve got him eating a lot of the same things Alex is, though steamed carrots have been a hit lately.

Tell us about Nosha – what’s in it?

So glad you asked! Nosha is the ultimate green drink, made with organic veggies, fruits and seeds.  It’s made from all whole foods; nothing processed or added. The foods are gently dehydrated into powders so you can take a pouch of Nosha anywhere, and mix with water anytime.

What inspired you to make Nosha?

Diet clearly has a huge impact on our health. But it’s really hard to squeeze the healthiest foods into our daily routine. Most of us don’t eat enough veggies, or get enough fiber. Instead of eating real, whole foods, we eat processed foods with refined flour or added sugar because it’s faster and it’s cheaper. My partner Tommy Hall and I believe that Nosha makes it easy for families to get exceptional nutrition.

How did you decide to take time off of your medical training to create this?

I became a doctor to help people enjoy healthy lives. That’s been my north star. But I always assumed that chronic diseases couldn’t be avoided, only treated. Once I discovered the power of food to prevent disease, it felt too urgent to ignore. The Western diet burdens more than our individual health; it burdens our natural resources and our economy. We need more voices and more authentic solutions. So I think of Nosha as my medical career advancing, not as a detour.

What does your toddler think of Nosha?

They both love it. We really didn’t force Nosha on them, but Alex asks for one almost every day. And of course, whenever William sees his big brother drinking Nosha, he wants some too.

Are you thinking of creating other products in the future?

Definitely, we’re listening to our customers and are trying to find more solutions to the fundamental question: “How can we make eating healthy easy?” This is just the beginning!

Awesome, thank you, Nick! My toddler thanks you, too!

I’d love to hear from other moms out there any products and tips to get more greens into our little kids!



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