Playground Pump: A Mom’s Workout, Part 1


Knowing that the sun is shining outside, it is so hard for me to even think about working out in a dark gym . Now that it is warming up, taking your sweat session outdoors can be a great way to keep your motivation up, especially when you can get your sweat on while your kids play nearby. Building muscle can be done just as effectively on a playground as in a windowless gym, but with more vitamin D! All you need is your own body weight to activate those same muscles that you train indoors. So let’s head outside to our local playground and get started!

What do you need?

The only things that you will need are your own body weight, a few general playground structures, a towel and some water. Invite a few friends to make it more fun. Set it up as a playdate for the kiddos and a sweat session for the mommies! Plus, an added benefit to having your girlfriends join in the fun is that you are more accountable for the workouts!

How often?

This workout should be done at least three times a week. Choose days and times that work for both you and your little one. For instance, trying to do this workout when your child is normally napping is going to make it harder for you. Choose a time that your kiddo is most active and wants to be outside playing.

What do you do?

Complete the set of exercises and then repeat two more times. Each exercise should be done for one minute, making each circuit approximately 5 minutes. Warm up with a 5-10 minute brisk walk or slow jog.

Exercise #1—Box Jumps

exercise exercises2

Using a ledge or curb that is at least 12 inches high, start with feet together and use your arms to hop up. Land with feet together, bending at the knee to soften your landing. Then repeat same motion in reverse jumping back to the ground. Continue this move for one minute.

Modification- Start with feet together. Step up one foot at a time and then return to starting position. Alternate feet on the step up.

Exercise #2-Tricep Dips


Start with arms extended and hands planted on a solid surface that allows you to be elevated from the ground. Bend arms at the elbow until your arm is at a 45 degree angle. Finish the move by extending arm back to the starting position. Continue this move for one minute.

Exercise #3—Walking Lunge


Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Take a large step forward with your right foot. Then follow with bringing your left foot to the same position. Continue this move for one minute alternating legs as you go.

Modification- You can add weight by letting your little human hop on your back to go for a ride. Just be sure that your knee stays right over your toes in the lunge.

Exercise #4—Hanging Leg Lift       


Find a bar that you can hang from. Grip with both hands and legs hanging straight down. Bring your knees up to your chest. Then straighten your legs back  to the starting position. Continue this move for one minute.

Exercise #5—Pike


Find the swing set. Place both feet on the swing and extend your arms out like you are going to do a push up. Drive your hips to the sky. Finish by returning to your starting position. Continue this move for one minute.

Modification—  Begin the same way as above. Pull your knees to your chest. Return to starting position.

Once you have checked (again) on your kiddos, see if they want to join you for a quick cool down.  Take a 5-10 minute brisk walk or slow jog for your cool down. Once you finish, be sure to stretch and drink plenty of water! Hopefully you have enjoyed your time outside with your friends and your kiddos are ready for nap time.

Stayed tuned next week for 5 more exercises!


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