Hella MomVersations™: July 2022 Podcast


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Welcome to Hella MomVersations, Keeping it Real With San Francisco Bay Area Moms. Local moms contribute to this community for local moms, and this podcast, Hella MomVersations. Managing Editor, Olga Rosales Salinas, hosts this show, and contributing writers from the community co-host. As a member of the well-known, nationwide City Mom Collective, we are a top-rated online parenting publication, and community focused on sharing information, ideas, and personal stories to support, inspire and connect San Francisco Bay Area families.

In this episode, we will discuss Yoga and Self-meditation, focusing on the mind and body. So if you are a mom with a newborn in your hands and your babies are having a hard time latching, or you want a different route, and you can’t find the right formula, and you’re just stressed out, this podcast will help you figure it out. Also, our guest, Chef Denise, tells real stories about real families and their relation with the meals on the table.

Host: Managing Editor, Olga Rosales Salinas, hosts this show, and contributing writers from the community co-host

Co-host: Michelle Corley Wing is a world-leading Kids Yoga expert, best-selling author, trainer of IYK® teachers, and business coach. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Today.com, and Parenting Magazine. She’s the founder of It’s Yoga Kids®, the online training program which has helped over 2 million children feel healthier and happier. Learn the success skills from cradle to college that make wishes come true. 

Co-host: Dr. Sarah Mitchell, Doctor of Chiropractic, found her true calling in helping parents get their kids to sleep at Helping Babies Sleep. As a sleep consultant, Sarah empowers parents to teach their babies and toddlers to sleep by educating them on age-appropriate sleep needs and training options. She’s the author of the Amazon bestselling book The Helping Baby Sleep Method and the creator of the online program Helping Baby Sleep School. 

Guest: Denise Thomas, a chef, runs Pocket Chef here in the Bay Area. She helps moms, new moms, and all types of families with meal prep. 



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