Spring Cleaning Guide


April 1st may officially be April Fools’ Day, but for us, it’s also the perfect chance to do some spring cleaning. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite posts on cleaning and organizing to help motivate you to get organized.

How to Find More Storage Space in Your Existing Cabinets

Use these ideas to make more room in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets so you can get organized and stay organized!

white, organized kitchen shelves

Hassle-Free Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Their Toys

Skip the nagging and the kids whining with these simple tricks to motivate your kids to clean up on their own.

little boy playing with toys on coffee table

Toy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Living in a city comes with some disadvantages, not least of which is a lack of space! Check out clever ways to organize and stash toys when you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated playroom.

toys on carpet that need to be cleaned up

Clean Up Your Act With Natural Cleaners: Recipes and Tips to Clean Green

Keep your family and the environment safe with these recipes for homemade cleaning solutions. You’ll save money in the process, too!

white, clean bathroom thanks to natural cleaning products

Spring Cleaning and Other Things to Do This Time of Year

This is the perfect time of year to clean out your wardrobe, makeup, and plan fun activities for the upcoming months! Check out how our writer Jeanne does it.

flowers and a dustpan to represent spring cleaning


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