Summer Is Coming and So Are Your House Guests!


hosting house guestsWhen I think of a summer vacation, it usually involves going someplace with my family and friends where they clean my room daily, have full room service, and a lovely pool where towels are provided and laundered. Now, I know that isn’t everyone’s idea of a great vacation and a lot of people visit their families over the summer.

If you are the one hosting, it can be stressful, especially when small children are involved.  I have a few tips for making it enjoyable for everyone.

Get on the same page (and time).  

We recently had guests who said they would be heading to us “after a late breakfast, but before their child’s nap.” Now, I haven’t seen them in almost eight months, so I have no idea what their child’s nap schedule is, if they are early risers, or where they were coming from exactly. It made for a very stressful morning trying to plan my own family’s morning activities. I know it sounds silly, but I try to send a little reminder email with a few questions like:

  • What time are you planning to arrive?
  • Does your family have any food allergies or requirements?
  • Do you need one of our pack and plays or strollers?

Give a tentative plan of your activities!  

In my friendly reminder email, I also like to include a list of some activities we think would be fun, along with a weather forecast and specific clothing that might be needed.  I’m from the east coast, so a lot of our family struggles with our weather forecasts and the layering of clothing needed.

Create a warm welcome.

The planning is done, and they are about to arrive (and invade your house!). Don’t panic!  Preparing a little basket of toiletries to put in the bathroom they will be using helps to avoid your guests having to knock on your door to ask for things they forgot and leaving you without your essentials.

I also try to have an outdoor space with some light bites and drinks (weather permitting) set up, so when everyone arrives, they can drop their bags and head directly outside, so we can catch up and relax without the worry of unpacking or settling into rooms immediately.  

After that, just enjoy your company.  And remember – it’s only a few days!



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