The Small Ways I Put Myself First as a Wife and Mom


easy self care ideas put myself first

I take my role as homemaker seriously. I follow a cleaning system, keep notes on how I’m speaking my husband’s love language (really, I do), and I pour my heart into being a mom. I personally believe that our purpose in life is to serve others, but I know that in order to do that successfully, I first need to care for myself. First thing every morning, I meet my own needs in small ways that keep my battery charged so I can be there for my family.

No Alarms

Just the tune my alarm used to play makes my whole body tense up. I’m not one of those chicks who wakes up an hour before the rest of the family to get my day started on the right foot. I scarcely get enough sleep as it is. I keep my toddler on a strict schedule, but the one time I’ll let her sleep is the morning so I can too.


When I first get up I have a kid, a husband, and cats to feed. But instead, I feed myself. I make it a habit to always make myself hot lemon water before I start making anything for anyone else. While the kettle heats up, I put a hot washcloth over my eyes to refresh my face. It only takes a short time to tend to my own needs, and everyone is used to waiting a hot minute before whining about their hunger. They still nag me sometimes, but it doesn’t stress me when I’ve done something for my own well-being first.

Shower No Matter What

After breakfast, I take a hot, luxurious shower. Starting every day with a shower is a non-negotiable for me. I always figured out how to make this happen from Day One with my newborn. After my husband went back to work, I figured out how to have naptime coincide with my shower and soon after I just made it a part of our routine. Baby has playtime during this time that I take for myself.

Basic Beauty Care

I follow a low maintenance beauty care regimen to help me feel confident and put together no matter how crazy life gets. I sunbathe on my deck whenever the weather allows during nap time, and I get a Keratin treatment on my hair that keeps it smooth and easy to style (read: not style). Being sunkissed with good hair pretty much negates the need for a bunch of makeup or styling time. All I use is a tinted moisturizer and mascara and I feel cute enough to handle anything.

So there you have it. Sleep, water, hygiene, and beauty. Really the most basic things in life, but so many moms let them slide as their tasks serving others overwhelm them. I wish more women would realize how much easier things become when you take just the smallest bit of time to first care for number one.



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