The Importance of Intimacy for Sexual Wellness

    The Importance of Intimacy for Sexual Wellness
    The Importance of Intimacy for Sexual Wellness

    After having children, it can be easy to forget the importance of intimacy. For some of us, being a parent to more than one child can erase intimacy altogether from a relationship. When it comes to discussing sexual wellness with our partners, we tend to put it as a lower priority. After all, we are often taught that sex is a purely physical act. When I became a single mother, I had less time and sometimes no time to focus on intimacy and sexual wellness. When I began to date again, I learned that intimacy is essential to any healthy sexual relationship. Not only does intimacy make sex more pleasurable, but it also serves as a foundation for trust and communication. I wanted to share two points that helped me be more intentional about making intimacy a priority in my relationship. 

    The Power of Connection

    When two people have an intimate connection, they feel deeper trust and understanding. This makes them more open to sharing their desires, needs, and boundaries without fear or judgment. It also helps them become more comfortable with their own body and sexuality. Growing up, I was never taught to voice my needs. In my first relationship, I was always the giver and never a requester. I often used to be the partner that would keep her shirt on or ask for the lights to be turned off. Then I met a partner that asked me how I like to be serviced in the bedroom. It shocked me at first. However, a simple conversation about my needs and connecting with me on an intimate level before a physical connection improved my sexual wellness.  

    Intimacy is as simple as having a conversation connect you to your partner on a deeper level. This component is essential for having a positive and fulfilling experience during sex. In addition to fostering openness and trust, intimacy increases pleasure during sex because it allows partners to explore different activities without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

    Creating Intimacy

    Creating an intimate connection doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time! The best way to foster intimacy is through meaningful conversations with your partner beyond just discussing what you like or don’t like in bed. Talk about fears, dreams, and hopes; get vulnerable with each other! This will create a deeper level of understanding between you both, ultimately leading to greater pleasure during sex and better overall communication in the relationship itself. 

    Additionally, physical contact outside of the bedroom can help build this connection – hugs, cuddles, and back rubs – all contribute towards creating an atmosphere where partners feel loved and appreciated, which again leads to greater satisfaction during sex.

    Intimacy is essential in any healthy sexual relationship, whether single or committed. By taking the time to foster vulnerability and meaningful physical contact between partners, you can create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe enough to explore their sexuality freely, leading to increased pleasure and improved communication within the relationship overall. As parents, we must remember that teaching our children about the importance of intimacy should be just as important as teaching them how babies are made!

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    Sysamone Phaphon is a single mom of two. She’s lived in the east bay area for 15+ years. She is the current CEO and founder of the CBD Nanoemulsion brand, Khuenphu. Sysamone also provides growth marketing consultancy in the technology, healthcare and cannabis industries through a digital marketing agency called A.V.O. Prior to pursuing the consultancy path & building her own company, she was previously the Head of Growth for cannabis manufacturer, Vertosa, where she managed PR, Marketing and brand partnerships. She is also a brand ambassador for Mothercoders, a nonprofit organization helping mothers on-ramp to careers in tech so they can thrive in a digital economy. When she’s not working, she’s playing baseball mom for her daughter’s all girls competitive travel baseball team and lacrosse mom for her son’s competitive travel team. When she has personal time for herself, she loves naps, enjoying infused products and binge watching various series on all the streaming channels.


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