When Going Nowhere Does So Much!


Where’s the best place to visit with my kids? How do I keep my kids entertained? What sports should my kids play? We are so inundated with go, go, go for our kids that sometimes we can forget to be and do the things we actually love.

I love to create with my hands. I love all things beautiful and fun. Since having kids, it is challenging to fit things that feed my soul into my life. Anyone else relate?

Decorating for the holidays brings me joy. Paying full retail price for tchotchkes depresses me. Therefore, I create them. Well, eh-hem, let me restate this. I design, my husband executes some of the labor, and I put on the “beautifying” final touches.

feed your soulIt was when my kids hit elementary school that I started to pay attention to my need to create. So what are my kids doing while we do this work? Climbing trees. Climbing a rope up to their makeshift tree house in our oak tree. Jumping on our trampoline. Using their imaginations as they pick up the old plastic house, place it on the rough and tough wagon from Costco, hop inside and call it their “mobile home.” They are doing what kids should be able to do. Entertain themselves.

But they are also walking by and observing how my husband wears eye protection and a bandana across his mouth as he uses the jigsaw. They are seeing their mom and dad work together to create something fun for the family; seeing the process of something coming from nothing. They are learning a myriad of things that families teach.

Their lives are enriched and my need to create is fulfilled. This can do so much for my mental health. And you know what they say, happy wife (mom), happy life!

Ladies, whatever it looks like, feed your soul! The whole family will benefit.

feed your soul


  1. You have such a beautiful family and this post reflects that. Love this idea of allowing our kids to see us as whole people and not just “mom” or “dad”. To see us work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor. And to find ways to do that all together! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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