Better than Good Enough, A Parenting Book for the Rest of Us


Michelle Kaye is not only an Licensed Clinical Social Worker and expert in infant mental health, she is a contributor to San Francisco Bay Area Moms and how lucky are we!
She can now add published author to her resume. Her book, Better Than Good Enough, a Parenting Book for the Rest of Us, is available in paperback and as an ebook or you can support your local bookstore and find it at Florey’s Books Co. in Pacifica and at Green Apple Books in San Francisco.
Because of the pandemic, I have not had a chance to meet Michelle in person, but I feel like I already know her! During the interview, and in the book, Michelle is open, honest, funny and completely relatable! You get that right from the intro to the book, too:

“If you are the kind of person who did manage to puree your own baby food while keeping up with laundry and naps without once crouching on the floor of the shower and screaming silently into your hands, then you probably don’t need to read this book.”

But, I’m pretty sure you DO need to read this book. Watch our interview and then rush out to get your copy. Mommas, we are not in this alone and we are not perfect. Michelle makes sure we all understand that.


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