9 Ways to Fight Your Back-to-School Fatigue


Back-to-School is an exciting, yet exhausting, time—open houses, parent meetings, earthquake kits (yes, only in California do you have to make your child an earthquake kit for school) and, ohh, the paperwork!

So, how do you fight this Back-to-School Fatigue? We’ve got some ideas!


Ok, sounds obvious, I know. But when I’m stressed, I try to stay up and push through, which then makes me less productive during the day. So, get your rest, mama! Go to bed a little earlier, and you might want to think about putting your kids down a little earlier, too. Summer nights are fine to stay up and play, but maybe getting the kids down a little earlier will allow them more rest, which will then help you! A restful child is a happy one! Sticking to a schedule is good for kids and mamas, so get into a “school” routine.  


My breakfast is usually to-go coffee in my Hydro Flask and maybe a handful of Cheerios or a Kind bar (obsessed). But we need good fuel, so take a minute and eat. You are making your kids breakfast, right? Make extra for you. This will boost your energy to start the day. And drink water! Dehydration causes terrible fatigue. Drink water first in the morning and add your coffee around 10:00 AM, when the morning dip sets in.

Be selective

Don’t sign up for EVERY committee, volunteer opportunity, classroom party, etc.  You are still an amazing mom, and you will be even more amazing if you aren’t spread so thin. Just say no!

Make a list

I LOVE lists. I have a personal one and a work one. Add only the things you absolutely need to focus on; make another list for “after back to school.” You can get the couch cleaned, fix that light, or go to the dentist next month! Let’s prioritize.


There is nothing wrong with asking for help. “Will you set up the automatic preschool tuition payment?” “Would you swing by the pediatrician’s office and pick up those papers I need?” I’m sure your partner is willing to help if you just ask.

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon….

They have everything you need. Although I love getting lost in Target, especially this time of year, or just getting to go grocery shopping alone, I don’t have time for this. Need school supplies? Groceries? Clothes? Order it!

Take it easy  

Keep after school plans and weekend events limited the first few weeks. Don’t plan any huge day-trips, vacations, or parties. Keep it simple.  

Get organized

There is so much paperwork with the start of school. It usually piles up on my desk and creates anxiety every time I walk by. Take 30 minutes and go through it all. Toss what you don’t need, and file, scan (however you roll) what you do need. Put all those school dates into your phone. This can be done with a glass of wine in hand. But just do it, and get it over with. You’ll feel better.


Oh sorry, this is a given.


Editor’s note: The post originally published on August 31, 2017.



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