The Empathy Advantage



We recently sat down with Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center and author of THE EMPATHY ADVANTAGE. One statement she said really stood out; “racism is learned early; by the age of three, children accept racism and prejudice around them, even if they don’t understand what it means.  As parents and teachers, we must actively engage our children in age-appropriate conversations about racism, stereotypes and discrimination earlier and more consistently than we are doing now.”

Teaching empathy is also an important tool to reducing bullying, increase inclusion and in teaching tolerance.

6 Activities to Increase Empathy in Children

  • Reading Hour
  • Praising Kindness 
  • Family Meetings 
  • Media Literacy   
  • Role Playing
  • Service Learning

Be sure to watch our entire interview to learn how to incorporate these activities, whether you have toddlers or teens.


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