The Pinwheel Phone, for Kids by Dads


Odds are your young child has asked you for a smartphone. Have you given in? What were your rules for smartphone usage? Do you enforce those rules? The dads at Pinwheel were not happy with any of the smartphone choices they had for their 6 – 13 year old children. So what did they do? They created a true tool for kids to have rather than a device that creates “screen zombies.”

Privacy and Safety

With the help of a council of therapists, Pinwheel was purposefully designed with your child’s privacy and safety in mind. You’ll find important features like GPS tracking, approved apps and contacts, but no social media or web browsing. 


The caregiver/admin portal allows you to have complete control over what is allowed on the device. And no need to worry, because the apps that are available have gone through a rigorous criteria process. You will not find addictive games, ads, or social media. What you will find are apps that build on human connection (with contacts that you have approved) and apps that serve as tools to build good habits (like financial literacy and healthy routines) rather than entertainment.


You can set modes on the phone that match your child’s day. For example, you may set a morning mode that removes all apps and limits the contacts, and displays the morning routine (like eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed, etc). You may also create a school mode, homework mode, free play mode, or night mode – all customized to your liking.

Kid’s First Phone:100% Wellness Packed Tool and 0% Toy

Visit Pinwheel and choose the model and plan that works best for you and your family.



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