Why Everyone’s Child Should Have an Email Account


Mother with baby boy using laptop in kitchen

Around 32 weeks of pregnancy, we finally selected our first son’s name.  I am the kind of person who needs to know the name before the birth–this drives my husband crazy! Anyway, as soon as we decided on the name, my husband got him a Gmail account.  I had no idea until one day towards the end of my pregnancy, I got a special email from my son.  

Hi Mom,

Thank you for carrying me in your belly.  It’s been quite warm and comfy in here.  I really appreciate all the sacrifices you’re making to bring me into the world.  I promise that I’ll make it up to you with lots of good laughs, proud moments and memorable experiences.  I’m very much excited to meet you and Dad.  From what I can hear through your belly, Dad sounds like a really fun guy.  I love you.  See you soon 🙂

Your Son

Try reading that with pregnancy hormones!  It was adorable and so thoughtful of my husband.  I quickly responded to my son and started a very special keepsake for all of us.  

My family, husband and I have all been writing to my son’s Gmail account over the last two years.  Emails usually come surrounding special occasions like his baptism or birthdays, but the ones I really love are the random “I love you” emails.  Occasionally, my husband sneaks in and writes me from my son when I need some mommy encouragement.  I have even emailed him important life lessons I want him to always remember in case I am unable to tell him one day. We don’t use his account for photos or videos, but I know some people who do.  Ours is strictly for messages.  Just having the email account gives you so many ways to share with your little one.

One day when he is old enough to fully appreciate it, we will give our son the account and password.  He will then be able to read how much we loved him even before he was born and how that love continued to grow over the years. Morbid as it sounds, we have his email address and password documented in our will.  So, if we are ever unable to give it to him ourselves, he can still access it whenever he needs to be reminded of how very much he’s adored.



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