Follow Your Heart to Disney on Ice at Oracle Arena (Now thru March 4)


Looking for a way to surprise your little one this weekend – something that will allow them to go a little crazy, and keep them dry?  Why not take them to Disney On Ice at the Oracle Arena?  You can even make it a little adventure, like we did, and take Bart over!

Disney On Ice Follow Your Heart, like all things Disney, will not disappoint.  Let me tell you, they really know how to put on a show.  All the props, effects, and of course characters do a great job!  I don’t want to spoil too much, but they even had some of the characters do aerial stunts!  It was pretty amazing.  

My son, who doesn’t really know any of the characters yet, enjoyed the show!  It seemed he really liked watching the lights, listening to the music, and watching the Disney crew.   The great thing about Disney’s Follow Your Heart tour is that there are multiple characters performing.  Many of the big hitter princesses were there, along with characters from Toy Story, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Frozen, and of course the Mouse himself came out with his friends, too.

If there was any negative to my experience, it would be the lack of organization on Oracle Arena’s part.  I’ll spare you my story here, and just tell you what you need to know to avoid the disorganization:

  • Arrive at least thirty minutes early, if not more. You have to go through metal detectors, and for us, it was a surprise we didn’t plan for.  
  • Strollers are not allowed in the arena. You can leave them in your car, or you can check them for $10.  
  • Get to your seats early and prepare for people being confused about where they are sitting.  

If you do those three things, you have a night of success ahead of you, just don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing Let it Go. So for now, I’ll let you go so you can buy tickets to surprise your family.  If you are still unsure, just follow your heart (wink).

Purchase tickets here.

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