Skip the Pumpkin Patch – Great America’s Pumpkin Fest Has It All

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Great America Pumpkin Fest
My son dressed as Aang, The Last Airbender, for our visit with Snoopy.

If you haven’t been to California’s Great America in a while, or ever, it’s worth the trip. I took my 14-month-old son, husband, and sister-in-law to The Great Pumpkin Fest (which runs until Sunday, October 29), and we all came back saying what a great time we had. Dress up your kids in their Halloween costumes, enjoy Halloween activities like trick or treating with the Peanuts characters, paint pumpkins, go through mazes, and enjoy the rides. 

The Great America customer service is superb. When we entered the park, Snoopy was there taking photos with the guests, and he was amazing with my son! One of the employees even offered to snap a picture of our group on my phone. I ended up purchasing the photos they took, but it still felt good knowing they genuinely wanted us to have a good time and leave with memories to take home.

I didn’t think I would go on any of the adult rides there now that I am a mother, but there is something about going on a roller coaster, being a little out of control, and screaming for only one reason – because I can – that felt so good and made the ride more enjoyable Why waste screaming at your kids when you can be way more productive and scream at no one?  And if you want more reasons to scream, stay until it gets dark and scream for real during the Halloween Haunt

We went with three adults, so we could take advantage of the adult rides with a riding partner, and I’d recommend you do this, too. We rotated who stayed with my son and who went on the rides and hardly had to wait for any rides. The three of us got to go on almost every ride and not have to worry about an impatient child. Win-win! If it is busy, you can get a fast lane bracelet that lets you get into the front of lines of the more popular rides.

Great America Pumpkin FestMy family are Bay Area natives and hadn’t been to Great America in ten-plus years, so we didn’t know what to expect, but we had so much fun that we’re even talking about visiting for their Winter Fest to see all the lights. If you’re like us, you might want to consider buying a season pass. It will get you into the park all year around, including The Great Pumpkin Fest and The Winter Fest.  Even if all you attend is the two “fests,” it will pay for itself.

And for you thrill-seeking roller coaster riders out there, Great America has a new roller coaster coming to the park that will include a ninety degree drop! Now that might really be something to scream about.


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