The Best Strollers for San Francisco Moms

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We partnered with Britax and BOB to bring you our San Francisco Stroller Guide!  First, we’re spotlighting the amazing, brand new Britax Pathway and BOB Rambler strollers, and then our contributing writers (yes, real moms!) share their reviews of their current strollers. For each one, you will find information on pricing, size, hidden features, and even the things we don’t love. Buying a stroller is overwhelming, and we want to keep it easy for you!

britax pathway stroller review
britax pathway stroller review

The Britax® Pathway™ Stroller shines with personality featuring a cool look for newborns and children up to 55 pounds. The stroller comes in four fashions that offer a pop of pattern under the canopy for different lifestyles.  It is lightweight and allows for a one-hand quick-fold. The extra-large UV 50+canopy and four-wheel design gives baby added protection along with a smooth and steady ride. The seat fully reclines for naptime on-the-go, and an extra-large zippered pocket behind the stroller seat conveniently holds everything you need within an arm’s reach. Click&Go™ adapters are also included for easy pairing with any Britax infant car seat. The Pathway Stroller began shipping to participating Britax retailers in the US (MSRP: $229.99).

Why do we love Britax?

Britax is committed to always improving child safety from their SafeCell Impact Protection and ClickTight Installation in their car seats to their simplified Linked Parking Brake on their strollers (did someone say hills of San Francisco?). Britax has been trusted by moms for over 70 years!

Make sure to check out all of their strollers HERE: from Full-size, Compact-fold, and Modular, they have a stroller to cover every stage.

BOB Rambler stroller review
Bob Rambler Stroller Review

The BOB Rambler is the perfect companion for all your family adventures—whether heading to the farmer’s market or going out for a jog.

Renowned quality and performance make BOB the #1 Jogging Stroller.

Winner of the Editor’s Choice, Runner’s World

MSRP: USD:$359.99

The BOB Rambler is the perfect all-in-one stroller. Start as an infant and grow- it’s compatible with BOB infant car seats by Britax, other major car seat brands, and allows for room to grow with a weight limit of 75lbs. Its two-step folding process and easy wheel removal for tight storage space make it extra attractive for city living. And with a large lowboy cargo storage, mountain bike-style suspension system, swivel-locking front wheel swivels, and wrist straps, you will be ready for any adventure, city streets to off-roading.

Why do we love BOB?

BOB creates products that give families an opportunity to get out and explore together. They put quality first and for over 20 years have been making jogging strollers that now “turn a dime.”

Make sure to check out all their strollers HERE: from single to double strollers, they will have you exploring!

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Britax Pathway stroller guide
BOB Rambler stroller guide

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Real Mom Tips & Reviews!

We came up with 5 questions to ask yourself when buying a stroller :

  1. How long do I plan to use this stroller?
  2. Will I frequently fold it up or fit it in my car?
  3. Am I going to travel on a bus or plane with the stroller?
  4. Do I want to jog with it?
  5. Will I use this every day or only once in a while?  

Keep scrolling to check out the strollers our contributors are using in and around our beautiful city or click on a link below to jump to a specific brand and model!

stroller guide

Britax B-Agile

stroller guide


VALUE: $216.00

FLEXIBILITY:  Infant seat attachments, snack tray attachment

SIZE:  3 wheels, 18lbs



SAFETY:  The 5 point harness and infant seat attachment that allows your baby to face you while you push made me feel like my son was very safe.

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? It pushes easily! It is lightweight, has a large sun canopy, and two storage areas.

Why did you buy this stroller? I could easily fold it with one hand and get it in my hatchback trunk.

What is one thing you don’t like? The head/backrest is angled back even at its most upright position. I wish it was able to sit straighter up. I ended up using a toddler pillow so my son could sit and reach the snack tray attached to the front. I also wish it had a cup holder that came with it.

Final words:  I tried out a lot of strollers when I was pregnant. I knew I needed a lightweight stroller with storage space that was easy to get in and out of my car.


BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

stroller guide

NAME OF STROLLER: BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

VALUE:   $499.99


SIZE:   3 wheels, 30.5lbs. Big

TELL A FRIEND: It depends. If they like to run or walk a lot, If they live outside the city and have another stroller, If it will be used as the only stroller, 


SAFETY:  Super safe

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? This stroller is SO easy to push, and it is my go-to when I take walks or run.  It is a running stroller and compared to the UPPABABY it is so much easier to push and move… it’s just huge.

Why did you buy this stroller? Safety

What is one thing you don’t like? Weight, and the way it reclines, pushing or pulling a strap, which is a little annoying.

Final words:  I love this stroller a lot, but it is a pain to put in and out of the car because of the weight. So ours stays open, and I use it every day when we take our dog for long walks.


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

stroller guide
NAME OF STROLLER: Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle
VALUE:  $499
SIZE:  3 wheels, 24.2lbs This was hard for me to rate.  It is a BIG stroller, with big wheels.  But this is part of its functionality as a running stroller that can handle trails in addition to pavement, and it is comfortable and safe for your little one to ride while Mommy is going for a run.  You don’t buy this stroller for its size … if size is a primary consideration this would not be the choice for you.
What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? It’s a terrific running stroller and works well for the typical playground visit and stroll around the neighborhood, too.  Despite being a running stroller, it has plenty of amenities for everyday use (water bottle and coffee cup holders, storage beneath, sun shade with a peek-a-boo window, etc).
Why did you buy this stroller?  I tested many running strollers and liked this one the best for 3 reasons: 1. Its adjustable handlebar has a comfortable grip and adjusts high enough to be comfortable for me (5’8″ tall) while running. 2. It has a convenient handbrake on the handlebar. 3. It comes with city wheels and all-terrain wheels, perfect for running even on trails or bumpy roads
What is one thing you don’t like? Now that I have 2 children, I wish this stroller had an option to add a standing platform for the older child.  I wouldn’t run with my preschooler standing here, of course, but since this is my primary stroller, it would have been great to have had this option so I could transport both children when the older one decides he doesn’t want to walk.
Final words:  I would recommend this stroller to anyone who wants to run with their baby or child. It is flexible, accommodating an infant car seat, bassinet, and seated child.  The back reclines to near-flat for those glorious occasions when your child falls asleep while you’re running.  The adjustable handlebar is a unique feature that makes stroller running so much more comfortable for taller (and presumably shorter) than average people. It’s a bit on the big and heavy side, but still foldable and transportable, making it a good option for an everyday stroller, too.

Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller

stroller guide
NAME OF STROLLER: Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller
VALUE:  $499
SIZE:  4 wheels, 16.5lbs
What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? The single-step system for turning the Doona from a car seat into a stroller and back again makes my life infinitely easier with a young–often sleeping–infant. If only this had been around with my first two kids!
Why did you buy this stroller? I loved the concept of the car seat/stroller combo that didn’t require any additional attachments. I first discovered it on Facebook–targeted ads do work, I guess!
What is one thing you don’t like? I’m sad that the stroller won’t be able to “grow” with my baby once I want her to start facing out.
Final words:  The Doona’s ease of mobility is another huge plus; it turns on a dime. It doesn’t fare too well on choppy terrain, but for everyday use around town, I don’t use or need anything else.


Babyzen YOYO+


VALUE:  $499, a bit pricey, but totally worth paying this much for a stroller! It’s lightweight, portable and great for everyday and travel.

FLEXIBILITY:  The company has made the stroller as versatile as it can get. It can now accommodate birth to toddler using different attachments including the carrycot (i.e., bassinet), carseat insert or adaptors, and 5-point harness with canopy.  Can be used from 6 months+ without newborn pack. Carries a child weighing up to 44 lbs/20 kg. The YOYO+ board was released this year for your toddler to comfortably sit/stand on.

SIZE:  4 wheels, 13lbs. Most will buy this stroller because of its size, weight and ease of folding.  It weighs approximately 13 lbs in total depending on the attachments. Most importantly, it is approved by almost all airlines to fit in overhead compartments! It is excellent for travel and city living.

TELL A FRIEND:  I have already recommended this stroller to friends who travel often.  I am rating the stroller a 3 in this category because I understand the price point is high and not feasible for many families.

DEPENDABILITY:  The stroller is extremely durable and dependable.  The quality is more than satisfactory.

SAFETY:  The YOYO+ does not have any safety straps in comparison to other strollers.  Also there is not a “bumper bar” in front of the seat to prevent a child from leaning forward.

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller?  My favorite thing about this stroller is the way it folds/opens, its built-in carry strap and its small footprint when folded (in house, car, airplane).

Why did you buy this stroller?  I splurged and bought this stroller as my travel stroller as we anticipated doing a lot of flying with it.  However, after using it for a few months, I realized that it could easily serve as my main stroller. For those questioning the price, it is certainly worth the money if you choose to not purchase another stroller.

What is one thing you don’t like? There are 2 things I do not like.  Although the seat reclines, the design is not ideal (it uses a strap and buckle).  In addition, the handle does not adjust and taller folks may not be able to take a full stride without their feet hitting the rear.  Nevertheless, it is still a fantastic stroller.

Final words:  There are so many pros to this stroller and the cons are not deal breakers.  I highly recommend the YOYO+ for parents or caretakers searching for a stroller that is compact, durable and practical.  If I had to pick one stroller to have, it would be this one!


Pockit Lightweight Stroller

NAME OF STROLLER: gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller

VALUE:  $179.95

SIZE:   Tiny! Four wheels, 9.5lbs

FLEXIBILITY:  Cannot add anything – think basic umbrella stroller




What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? The stroller is very light, compact and folds extremely small. It can fit into a shopping bag and be put in the overhead container on an airplane. I like the ease of it.

Why did you buy this stroller? I bought this stroller because I wanted something super light and easy to travel with. This is the stroller I leave in the back of my car as it does not take up much room.

What is one thing you don’t like? The underneath storage is small and sometimes the stroller can be hard to completely close. There is also a small sunshade but does not provide much coverage.

Final words: I am so happy I bought this stroller. The convenience of having it be so compact and lightweight makes traveling and normal around town activities so much easier.


UPPAbaby Vista


VALUE:  $809.99


SIZE:  26.3lbs, basinet, double options




What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? Endless configurations to suit any need and the massive basket underneath.

Why did you buy this stroller? The best option we found for twins. You can snap on two car seats, two bassinets, and two regular seats with minimal fuss. We needed a sturdy, reliable stroller for daily walks around the city.

What is one thing you don’t like? It’s bulky and heavy so it’s not the best for travel. In order to fold the frame, the seats need to be configured in a particular way, which is annoying.

Final words:  This is the best stroller option for twins in my opinion. It’s simple to use and holds a ton of stuff thanks to the huge basket. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better tandem stroller for twins. It’s also extremely versatile for families with 2-3 kids.  


UPPAbaby G-Luxe


VALUE:  $299.99


SIZE:  4 wheels, 20lbs  Travel – umbrella stroller




What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? It’s compact and light. I carried baby and stroller up SF BART stairs without any problems, as it has a carrying strap.

Why did you buy this stroller? I was looking for a compact umbrella stroller that could recline when he was sleeping and have a shader.  Also I wanted something we could use for travel.

What is one thing you don’t like? The underneath storage could be better, but it’s not horrible. For everything else the stroller offers, I am not worried

Final words: Although lightweight, it’s sturdy. My husband accidentally crushed my stainless steel water bottle in half when trying to close it.




VALUE:  $279.99


SIZE:  4 wheels, double, 11lbs




What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? This stroller is SO light and simple to use. I also love the massive canopies and the recline of the seats.

Why did you buy this stroller?  We needed a lightweight, side-by-side stroller for quick trips with the twins as well as travel. We didn’t want something that was super wide.

What is one thing you don’t like? It doesn’t have the smallest fold but that’s inevitable with a side-by-side stroller.

Final words: This stroller is perfect for travel and errands with twins. The price tag is what won me over as a lot of the side-by-side strollers are $500+. I love that it’s not incredibly wide either (only 29 inches). The handlebar goes all the way across making it easy to push with one hand which you can’t do with most side-by-side umbrella strollers.


Baby Jogger City Mini

NAME OF STROLLER: Baby Jogger City Mini

VALUE:  $259

FLEXIBILITY:  This does not convert to a double stroller like the City Select, but you can buy an adapter for infant car seats. I attached my Graco Click Connect infant carseat and also bought a stroller organizer of a different brand, and it was compatible and works great. I like that the stroller also works with attachments that aren’t Baby Jogger brand.

SIZE: 3 wheels, 17.6lbs It’s a great size for Austin, which is where I bought it, but a bit big for taking on the bus in the city. I had to buy a smaller umbrella stroller because I ride the bus a ton. It’s light and easy to maneuver, though, which is great if I’m walking up hills in the city or need to fold it up at home to store it.


DEPENDABILITY:  I have had it over a year, zero issues so far.

SAFETY:  I haven’t had any safety issues yet.

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? I love the large sun canopy with peek-a-boo windows so I can check on my little guy when we’re out walking. I also love the bright blue color and how easily it folds up.

Why did you buy this stroller? I bought this stroller because it’s very light. When my son was born I lived in an apartment without an elevator and was able to carry it down the stairs on my own. It also folds up really nicely and stores easily in my closet at home or trunk. It is also very reasonably priced and has great reviews!

What is one thing you don’t like? One thing I don’t like is the underneath storage area. It was plenty big at first, because I lived in Austin and drove everywhere. Now that I live in SF, my stroller is basically my car. I almost never drive, and bus and walk everywhere, so I need to have lots of stuff with me. The storage area isn’t deep enough and it’s really tricky to get things in and out of.

Final words: This stroller does not disappoint! It’s not the fanciest stroller, but it’s very good quality, easy to clean and comes in cute colors. I’ve had it for over a year, use it everyday, and it still looks practically new. It is perfect for walking on the streets of San Francisco!


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller


VALUE:  $531

FLEXIBILITY:  Car seats do not attach and the undercarriage is very small.

SIZE: 4 wheels, double stroller, 32.6lbs. It fits through standard doorways, but it’s hard to take into city stores with narrow aisles.


DEPENDABILITY:  It’s sturdy and pushes nicely.

SAFETY:  No concerns.

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? It’s very easy and fast to fold up and glides so smoothly! 

Why did you buy this stroller? I previously had the City Mini Select Double stroller. As my children got older (around 40 lbs), that stroller became too hard to push around to run errands because the weight was distributed too far in the front. I needed to switch to a side-by-side. They were also getting too tall (40″) to fit in the back seat of the tandem style.

What is one thing you don’t like? It’s difficult to access the undercarriage stroller, which makes it less functional. 

Final words: This is a narrow side-by-side stroller, which was important to me so I could wheel it into smaller stores and on narrow sidewalks, even though I do choose to leave it out front of some small grocery stores instead of pushing it through. My kids love riding in it and think it’s very comfortable. I love that the seats recline flat and the sun visors are very large. This is so much easier to push than a tandem double stroller when dealing with preschool aged kids, and the ride is smooth. My friend has the same stroller and told me she couldn’t find a car seat attachment for it, so this is something to consider if you want to use it with an infant. For my purposes, pushing my 3- and 4-year-olds to and from preschool and around the neighborhood, it’s great!


Baby Jogger City Select Single to Double Stroller

stroller guide

NAME OF STROLLER: City Select Double

VALUE:  $579.99 A practical, high quality stroller for everyday use

FLEXIBILITY:  Easy to add attachments and arrange seats in different configurations.

SIZE:  4 wheels, double stroller, 32.6lbs It’s very long, which allows both seats to have plenty of leg room, but more cumbersome to maneuver.

TELL A FRIEND:  I’ve recommend this stroller, but always caveat that it gets very heavy to push as the kids get bigger.

DEPENDABILITY:  It’s survived the test of toddlers climbing in and out of it and many bags of groceries being shoved in the storage area underneath.

SAFETY:  No concerns.

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? The changeability of the seats. My kids love deciding which way they want their seats to face, and they’re so easy to snap in and out.

Why did you buy this stroller? When my second child was born, I needed an everyday double stroller to use around the city, and a side-by-side style would have been too wide to bring into some small grocery stores in my neighborhood.

What is one thing you don’t like? The second seat has to be removed to fold it up, and it’s still rather large once it’s folded.

Final words: This has been our workhorse stroller for three years. It’s simply the City Select single with the second seat attachment added on. If space is limited, and you only have one child now, but plan to have another in the future, you can buy this stroller as a single and add the second seat later. The storage underneath is great, and a generic car seat attachment easily transforms one of the seats into a car seat carrier. As the kids get older, it does get heavier and more cumbersome to push because it’s long vs. wide.


Chicco Bravo For 2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

NAME OF STROLLER: Chicco Bravo for 2 Double Stroller

VALUE:  $206.25

FLEXIBILITY:  Fits a Chicco infant seat

SIZE:  4 wheels, 26.5lbs




What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? Easy to maneuver, super easy to open and close. For a double stroller, it is not too bulky or heavy and it is affordable.

Why did you buy this stroller? I needed a double stroller that would grow with our family; the seat in front accommodates a Chicco infant car seat and then turns into a harnessed seat as your baby gets older. For your older child, there is a small seat in the back (with seatbelt) and the stroller allows them to stand.

What is one thing you don’t like? Hard to access the bottom storage when two kids are in the stroller and the front seat doesn’t recline at all.

Final words: This double stroller is the real deal. The fact that it works with your growing children is amazing. It’s on the affordable side for a double stroller and the sit/stand option makes it fun for toddlers especially ones who do not love being in a stroller anymore.


Veer Wagon


VALUE:   $599


SIZE:  4 wheels, 32.5lbs



SAFETY:   This is a wagon, not a typical stroller, but you are able to clip in an infant car seat and it has seat belts for 2 children. My kids stay snugly and safely into the two factory seat belts well and they are easy to use.

What’s your favorite thing about this stroller? You can push or pull it! And it has a shared snack tray so my kids can look at each other while they ride.

Why did you buy this stroller? My two toddlers (1.5 and 3) hate sitting in their stroller, but both had a hard time walking everywhere we went. This was a middle ground solution that suited us both.

What is one thing you don’t like? It is very heavy to get in and out of the car.

Final words:  I cannot say enough great things about this wagon. It can go off road; it collapses flat for the car; it has plenty of cup holders; you can get a retractable sunshade for each side; there is a cargo basket. It feels more like a stroller, but with the ease and comfort of a wagon for older kids.

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