5 EASY Ways to Add Halloween Fun to Lunch


If you search Pinterest for Halloween ideas, WOW! You will find a million ideas from decorating the house to decorating cupcakes.  It is actually a little overwhelming. An hour of searching flies by.  Do you want to make a Halloween appetizer, snack, dessert, no problem! They will show you how.  But what if you are a super busy mom like me and just want to add a little Halloween fun to lunch time without going overboard?

Here are 5 easy tricks to make your packed lunch a Halloween treat! 


The Mummy Pouch
First find a pouch your child likes- fruit mix or maybe just a simple apple sauce pouch. Whatever! 

Cut out two eyes out of construction paper- you can choose the color- and tape them on. If you wish, draw in black dots.

Using about 8 squares of toilet paper, fold them in half and cut long way to make a long strip (see picture).  Tape the toilet paper to the back on the pouch at the top and start wrapping and twisting it around the pouch towards the bottom. Secure the end with another piece of tape and you are finished! 


The Pumpkin Orange, The Pumpkin Fruit Cup, and The Ghost Cheese

Grab a sharpie and draw a jack o’ lantern face on a mandarin orange or fruit cup.  Or draw a ghost face on a mozzarella cheese stick!


The Halloween Napkin

Yes, sometimes just adding a festive napkin is all you need or have time for!  But you would be surprised. A special napkin can really make your toddler excited.  The grocery stores usually have a good selection of holiday napkins or just order some on Amazon!

Happy October, Mamas!



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