Family Fun for Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day is wonderful.  Family, food, friends… and usually a lot of people crammed into one home inside. all. day. Tough for kids, right?

Sometimes Thanksgiving can actually be a little hard because, how do you keep your kids/ nieces/ nephews/ everyone happy while hanging out waiting for the delicious meal? How can you keep everyone from just staring at the parade or football on the TV? (I do love the parade and football, by the way, so keep it on in the background!) 

Well, we have some family fun ideas to pass the time as the turkey cooks.  These are creative, funny, and heartwarming ways to be together as a family.  And that’s what Thanksgiving is really about anyway, right? Being together as a family!

Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Hang a sheet and buy some Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props. These props are adorable and fun for the whole family.  You will definitely get some great laughs and some great shots! 

This particular set comes with 47 pieces! 

To make your photo booth extra fun, use this Instax camera to capture the memories in a scrapbook or as favors for guests to take home.


Gobble Gobble Mad Libs- Remember these! 

These Gobble Gobble Mad Libs will be especially great for the pre-teens to teenagers who might be around this Thanksgiving! Make some memories and hilarious stories! 


Thankful Turkeys- Family Arts and Crafts

How about making little turkeys as a family with feathers dedicated to things you are thankful for. This turkey craft makes 4 turkeys and could help you teach your kids the true meaning of Thanksgiving. You could fill out the feathers and play pin the feathers on the turkeys! 


Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

This is similar as above, but as one large family tree.  This festive tree hangs on a door or wall and then can be decorated with 30 leaves with written blessings on them! 


Thanksgiving Activity Tablecloth

Allow kids and adults alike to decorate the Thanksgiving tablecloth. This paper Thanksgiving tablecloth has activities like Tic Tac Toe, Which Turkey Looks Different, Word searches, coloring and MORE.  This is sure to keep the kids busy and happy before the dinner! 


Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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