The Best Toy to Buy Your Kids and More (Friday Faves, 8.3.18)

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While you all have been enjoying gorgeous weather on the Peninsula, I’ve been stuck under Karl the Fog up in SF for the better part of a week. Ugh. It’s meant more time inside at one of our favorite spots in SF, the California Academy of Sciences. For the first time this week, we actually watched a show at the planetarium, Expedition Reef, and it was so cool! Until now, my kids have either been too young for the shows or the times haven’t lined up with our schedule. On Wednesday, though, the stars aligned. We went to investigate the show times right as the next viewing was about to start. Perfect. I learned so much (coral is really, truly alive; that’s not environmentalist hyperbole), and my kids were fascinated. I’m glad we finally made the time. 

Here’s what else caught my eye this week. Happy Friday!

But Why "Karl?"

You might already know that San Francisco’s summer fog is affectionately knowns as Karl, but do you know the origin of its name. KQED has the answer.

Motherhood Is Motherhood

The poor mother Orca grieving her dead infant calf was all over my Facebook newsfeed this week. What a great reminder of the power of motherhood and the intelligence of other animals.

Summer Berry Sangria

Summer’s not over yet! This summer berry sangria looks sooooo tasty.

Invest in Magna-Tiles

Can we talk about the magic of Magna-Tiles? I bought these for my daughter when she was two years old. She’s now five and my son’s three. Hands down, they play with these every day, more than any other toy.

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

Wrong Kind of Mom Friends

Not all mom friends are created equal. Robin calls out the types of moms to watch out for.

Monster Jam Ticket Giveaway

We’re giving away 4 tickets to see Monster Jam at the SAP Center in San Jose on Friday, August 31 at 7:00 PM. Enter by midnight tonight (8/3/18)! If you missed the giveaway, use our promo code to buy tickets at 25% off.

Find Your MOMfidence

Andrea tells us how she find her MOMfidence, and why you should, too.

The Love and the Hate for Nipple Shields

It’s World Breastfeeding Week. More power to the mamas who nurse and pump, but can we be honest about it? It’s hard for so many different reasons. Sometimes tiny nipples is a big one.

10 Days in a GMC Terrain Denali

Kelly pull together the best video sharing her experience driving a new GMC Terrain Denali up to Taho with her family. Curious about trunk space, installing car seats and all the other cool features of this small, luxury SUV? Check out what she has to say.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Kids Warnings

We’ve all done it. The count to three (or ten), the threat that if our child does something one more time there will be a consequence… warnings. They’re a mainstay of behavior management, but should they be? Elisa says no.

Girl Power in Baseball 

Samone shines a light on the co-ed and all-girl baseball teams in the Bay Area and just why it’s so important to let girls into this traditionally boys-only sport. 

Silhouette Art Giveaway

Enter by midnight tonight, 8/3/18, to win a hand cut, custom silhouette. Artist Karl Johnson will be in the area later this month, or you can order yours online. 

Wardrobe Staples for Working Moms

Jeanne shares her five must-haves for the busy working mom.

Back to School Fashion Essentials (K-5)

Laura gives us the brands and basics that your little ones need to get the school year started on the right foot.

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