Jeanne Hizon

Jeanne is a married, full-time working mom with an MBA in Marketing from Golden Gate University and BA in Communications from San Francisco State University. She is an Associate Director of Sales for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and loves that her career enables her to promote the city she loves. Jeanne and her husband Daniel live in San Francisco with their two daughters, Ilse and Alice. When Jeanne is not working, writing, or volunteering at Ilse's school, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and cooking from her collection of cookbooks (70 and growing) while sipping Hudson Bay Bourbon. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

Five Things I Learned from My First Flight in Two Years

I did it! I took my first flight in two years. It was the most exciting trip I had taken in two years, and the most emotional. The last time I had flown was...

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout for Kids, Ages 5-11, and I Can’t Wait

When I got my first COVID-19 vaccine dose this year, I almost cried. The end of concepts like “social-distancing” and “Zoom” everything seemed to be in sight. Still, I couldn’t wait for the news...

Five “Must Haves” for Our Second Vehicle

The search for a second vehicle has begun. I never thought we would be looking at a second car before we had children or bought a house. Like most life changes, sometimes, we are...

What Happens After You Have the Body You Want?

This past spring, I decided to focus on my health and fitness goals. I took up running and intermittent fasting. It’s been an excellent journey that has tested my resolve, through sore limbs, irritability,...

OMG! She’s 6 and Just Asked Me about Bras

A few days ago, my older daughter, Ilse, asked, “Mommy, when I am going to wear a bra?'' I replied, “when your breasts start growing.” While I was calm in my reply, deep down,...

Watermelon Ice for National Watermelon Day on 8/3

Watermelon season is here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it in San Francisco. As I write this, I am wearing my baseball outfit of San Francisco Giants tee, warm up jacket, and matching...
Lessons from Our First Post Pandemic Holiday

Lessons from Our First Post Pandemic Holiday

For the last several months, our family has discussed taking a summer holiday. With mass vaccinations for adults and subsequently for children 12 and older, this summer felt like the right time to travel....

My Adult Braces Journey

I loathe the dentist. I have loathed going since my first dental appointment when I was five. Back then, I was reminded of all the things I shouldn’t eat and how important it was...

Outdoor City Running Tips for Beginners

In my last post, I talked about my journey with intermittent fasting and that running was my exercise of choice. I have not always been a runner or a person that exercises regularly. Like...

Intermittent Fasting Works for Me

I love to eat. I hate working out. My weight has fluctuated from my slimmest around 148 pounds in my 20’s to 180 pounds in my 40’s, months after giving birth to my second...
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