Michelle Wing

Michelle Corley Wing is a certified yoga educator and internationally recognized leader for mindfulness and mental health. A former USTA youth tennis player, Disney dancer, ASU cheerleader and Microsoft-ie, she’s competed at the highest levels. She’s author of Kid Moves: Fun Active Moves for Your Growing Child. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Today.com and Parenting Magazine. She’s the founder of It’s Yoga Kids®, the online training program which has helped over 2 million children and their families feel healthier and happier everyday. She and her family live in San Francisco. You can find her at www.itsyogakids.com.

Spring Cleaning: What Makes the COVID Cut?

Lately, I’ve been having this conversation with myself. It starts with the question, “Does this (whatever is in front of me) make The COVID Cut?” While it started simply with items in closets and...

Mothers. Ahhh . . . lone. Together.

Happy Mother’s Day! To be celebrated for one day is remarkable given everything moms do EVERYDAY! This video is my All. Time. Favorite! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSpv-_FdJVY How do you enjoy Mother’s Day? There are several ways to appreciate...

Creating an Ideal Space for Yoga

Where is the ideal space for yoga? There are some very practical pointers to create a physical space for the physical practice of yoga by our friends at Porch. Another place altogether is to...

Yoga Now – More Than Ever!

The pandemic has created the most difficult conditions for kids and families. I’ve done a ton of research and taught yoga to kids at every age for over 15 years. Luckily, I’ve found that...

Have a Heart – Yours. Others. Earth.

A growing body of research shows the heart bows to the brain in intelligence. We do Yoga to unite our body, mind and heart. We make the connection first in ourselves and then in...

Enough is Enough – Hitting a Tipping Point

Nearly everyone I know was mentally, physically and emotionally ready to end 2020. We welcomed 2021 with hopes and excitement releasing that which no longer serves us. There was an energetic shift, and then...

A Collective Exhale. Time to Breathe.

The election is over. Mostly. We know there will be aftershocks, but we’re not sure what they will look like and feel like. It’s doubtful they will change the outcome, and certainly not what...

Mommies and Babies and COVID – Oh my

How Yoga can help expecting and new parents during the pandemic. It’s pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and we feel for Priscilla Blossom with her honest and heartbreaking essay about the ‘easy’ pregnancies she...

Take a Yoga Break from Distance Learning

Take a Yoga Break from Distance Learning with It’s Yoga Kids® Mini-Recess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=PpWQYJTHlVc&feature=youtu.be Are you and your kids already Zoomed out from distance learning? Our contributor and Yoga instructor Michelle Wing has the perfect BREAK. Think...

Managing Back to School Worries and Anxiety with Yoga

This time of year marks a major transition from summer freedom to fall structure. Typically, parents are preparing for the school year with closet cleanses and refreshing clothing and school supplies. Kids are feeling...
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