Rainproof Makeup for Wet San Francisco Days

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favorite waterproof makeup

Living in San Francisco, we are fortunate that winters are mild compared to the rest of the country. We don’t have snow, and we get some sunshine. What we do get a lot is rain. It rains from November to March, and during El Nino years, until April. While I let my hair go wild during the winter, I try to keep the rest of myself look put-together, so I don’t look like drowned rat when I walk into the office. My secret to looking good during wet San Francisco winters is rainproof makeup, a handful of products that don’t budge during the heaviest rains and save me time in the morning (so I have more time for my wardrobe choices or my daughter’s).  

Here are my top five rainproof favorites:

Garnier Skin Active Oil-Free BB Cream

I am a Garnier Skin Active fanatic. No matter what the weather, their products are fantastic for my combination skin and are easy to find at most retailers (or your neighborhood Walgreens). In a recent travel post, I listed two of their products. In the winter, I swap my Bobbi Brown foundation for Garnier Skin Active BB Cream. The BB cream is five products in one: moisturizer, sunscreen, concealer, highlighter, and shine controller. I top mine with a little powder, and it lasts all day. It gives me beautiful skin during the winter. It comes in two colors light/medium and medium/dark. I wear the light color, as my coloring is lighter in the winter.

Maybelline TattooStudio Eyeliner Pencil

There’s nothing worse than runny eye makeup. It always happens when you need it not to happen, like when you have client meeting first thing in the morning. And you don’t ever have enough time to correct it.  In the winter, I streamline my eye makeup to a neutral-colored shadow and Maybelline TattooStudio Eyeliner. It’s rainproof, crease-proof, and goes on smooth. I use the black and brown colors. If you’re feeling fancy, top that off with your favorite waterproof mascara and go to town.

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream or Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

For lips, I couldn’t decide between these two products, because I wear both equally. I discovered NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream at least four years ago. I own half a dozen colors (I swear by their nude pinks) and carry at least one (or two) in my makeup bag. The creamy formula goes on smooth and dries to a matte finish that doesn’t smear or crease from the weather. My other favorite lip product for rainy winters is Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid lipstick. I talked about this product last April, and I still love it. It wears all day and doesn’t melt or feather in the rain. Before I wear either product, I prep my lips with lip balm to hydrate them.    

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Rose Lip & Cheek Stain

Just like the Garnier BB cream, the Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Rose Lip & Cheek Stain is a multi-tasker. It can be used on both cheeks and lips. I use it primarily for my cheeks. The tint adds pizzazz to my already-rosy cheeks. It’s lightweight and waterproof. Best of all, the rose shade is suitable for all skin colors. While Benetint comes in a few other colors now, the rose shade is my favorite. Just don’t let the pint-size bottle fool you, the product lasts a long time. I think it took me a year to go through my last one.

No makeup

When all else fails and time is not my side, there is always the option to pull an Alicia Keys and not wear any makeup. She has worn no makeup for a few years now and simply glows. I tried. I can’t. At minimum, I wear at least lipstick. Then, I want to add eyeliner, then blush. You get the picture. At least, “no makeup” is still an option. Besides, if there’s no makeup on, there’s nothing to worry about ruining.

Like other seasons, the rainy winter season is a time to change up my makeup routine to match the weather. My favorite rainproof products ensure that I look good, even when the wind blows the rain sideways in my face. Do you change your makeup routine in winter?




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