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I finally got the chance to visit the Sprouts Farmers Market store in Mountain View! My maternity leave is coming to an end, and I needed to stock up on some essentials for both myself as well as my babies.

I live in Menlo Park and hadn’t yet been to Sprouts, but I found it was a quick 16 minutes away and had ample parking. I wanted to check out their vitamin and body-care sections and was happily surprised to see that I could also do my entire weekly shopping there.

They have a pretty impressive vitamin and body care section and good prices too!


I like buying products with a purpose and am going to share my Favorite Sprouts Items that are helping us achieve our main family goals at the moment:

  1. A healthy, nourished mommy: New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamins



I don’t like taking unnecessary supplements or vitamins, but there are a couple I take regularly and these prenatal vitamins are one.

I’ve tried a lot of prenatal vitamins over the course of my two pregnancies and these New Chapter Perfect Prenatal are my favorite. I plan on continuing them while nursing (and perhaps beyond) and so I stocked up at Sprouts!



  1. A healthy & happy baby: Jarro Dophilus Probiotics

4-probiotics-1I want to optimize my babies’ gut microbiome, and the possible benefit for colic symptoms is a plus!

These probiotics are in powder form and are easy to add to his bottles, along with his daily Vitamin D3. We also add them to our 2 year old’s morning oatmeal.



  1. A happy & relaxed mommy: Epsom salts

5-epsom-saltLast but not least, Sprouts enabled a little self-care for me… because a happy mommy means a happy baby, and self-care is not selfish!

My top relaxation method these days is a bath with Epsom salts, music, a candle, and tea or wine (plus or minus an infant in a bouncy chair next to the bathtub).

I really like this massive bag of Sprouts unscented Epsom salts, so I can keep them stocked for regular relaxation (I’ve actually had a hard time finding unscented Epsom salt in the past). I’ll sometimes put them in my 2 year old’s bath as well.


And this is how we spend our last afternoon together on maternity leave… bath time and cuddles!

6-bathtimeThank you, Sprouts, for helping our family be healthier and happier!

Check out our SF Moms Blog Facebook page today for a Sprouts Farmers Market GIVEAWAY, and take advantage of Sprouts’ amazing Vitamin Extravaganza this Wednesday, October 19 through Wednesday, October 26 —  Take 25% off their vitamin and body care products!

You can also save an additional 10% when you spend more than $100 dollars on body care and supplements after the discount. Visit Sprouts’ website for list of stores near you and don’t forget to download the Sprouts mobile coupon app for even more savings!



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