Top 22 Items for Moms to Kickstart the New Year 2022


Let’s start the year on the right note! It’s the third year of that dreaded ‘p’ word, but don’t let it stop us from making the best of it with some treats and gadgets to make our lives a bit brighter and easier. We are sharing 22 of the most precious gems that we’ve uncovered recently. Here’s to moms supporting moms and spreading the LOVE! 

1. KÖE Kombucha

Replace those unhealthy sodas in your children’s/your own lunch box with a probiotic-packed KÖE Kombucha drink! KÖE Kombucha is fruit-forward and USDA Organic which makes it the perfect healthy drink swap. KÖE was created for non-kombucha drinkers, especially parents who are seeking a delicious, functional, sparkling beverage without the vinegary taste for their children. Formulated with just 9g sugar and 35 calories in a can, KÖE is shelf-stable to take on-the-go. We’ve also found that it has worked really well resetting the body after diarrhea, and it has remarkably improved blood pressure and urinary tract conditions.

2. Ivory Paper Co. All-in-One Planner

Ivory Paper Co. was inspired by busy schedules as a goal to help others improve their daily #momlife through organization and prioritization. Named after her daughter, Eleanor Ivory, mompreneur Alitzah Stinson wanted to take charge of her life and follow her passions. Through her beautifully designed planners and stationery, she wants you to enjoy those “not so planned” moments!

3. Marbotic Smart Letters

Innovation combines children’s screen time with education. Marbotic is on a mission to help kids learn to read using their hands, hearts, and minds. Developed by an engineer working as a tutor, inspiring an idea to mesh high-quality toys with high-quality learning apps to make reading an engaging experience. Their wooden toys are charming and durable, great for catching kids’ attention. Easily downloadable apps make learning fun, motivating, and exciting. Children quickly learn how to play independently while actively learning.

4. MyCharge’s Hub Turbo

Whether you’re traveling in a car for hours, out to eat, or even sightseeing on vacation, all families know the struggle of arguing over who gets to charge their phone when. Despite any pre-determined charging schedules, someone is bound to end up having a drained device at an inconvenient time. Power banks for each family member can get expensive, not to mention annoying to take everywhere, along with the tangled-up cables and plugs. MyCharge’s Hub Turbo is the ultimate power bank for families, even those with an Android and Apple war going on at home. The one-of-a-kind product charges smartphones 75% faster with not only an integrated Apple Lightning cable, but also an integrated USB-C cable and a built-in USB port.

5. Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

Work from home IN STYLE! The Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk contains a lacquer coating to help withstand scratches, water, and insects, and it has twice the durability of ordinary wood. It is a uniquely designed oval desk frame that will surely bring an extra aesthetic appeal to your working space!

6. Soo’AE Skincare

Soo ( in Korean character) means ‘the greatest” and AE( in Korean character) means ‘love’. All SooAE products are made with the greatest love… perfect to kick off 2022 with! SooAE is for everyone who is discovering their own beauty rituals, beyond simple treatments and they strive to be a part of your self-care journey.

7. Blenders Eyewear

Do you have teenagers or pre-teens? You’ll get mad props from them by getting them swags from Blenders Eyewear. There is a great selection of stylish sunnies that are great excuses to kick the teens out…doors for some fresh air. Not only can they count on the polarized lenses for some quality eye protection when they need it most, but these fashion statements of sunglasses are also super durable and anti-scratch – some even float on water!

8. RideSafer Portable Vest

This RideSafer vest is a safe and legal alternative to bulky car seats and booster seats! Most of all, it is very portable, much lighter weight, and waaay less bulky to lug around – your bones and joints will thank you. This device is easy to install and quick to dismantle, allowing for more time for FUN!

9. French Toast Uniforms

French Toast is known for delivering clothes with the primary goal of comfort, they have to be worn for a full school day, after all! What’s even better about the brand is that the clothes are expertly created for durability, minimizing the risk of wardrobe malfunctions before school resumes after winter break. ‘Tis the season, right?

10. Vanessa Flair Jewellery

Everyone deserves some bling without having to drain their paychecks. Vanessa Flair offers high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. Dress up your accessories – from rings to bracelets to necklaces and earrings – with trendy pieces that are 18k gold plated, anti-scratch, waterproof, and free of nickel, lead, or cadmium.

Use code SFBAM for 30% off! 

11. Power Practical Under Cabinet LED Light Kit

Revamp your home for the new year in just a few minutes! Follow the detailed instruction manual for painless, damage-free installation that you can DIY. No electricians are needed! Light up every corner of your house and truly see it in a whole new light. Power Practical lights work well in a variety of places, not just in the kitchen. With the wave of an arm or a step of a foot, you can illuminate stairs, bathroom floors, closets, office spaces, and more.

12. Alcohol-Free Perfume & Natural Essential Oils by Zoha

Kick-off the year with all-natural, oil-based scents that work with your natural chemistry to create your own unique scent! Zoha uses 100% plant oil as the base oil, allowing it to moisturize your skin as well as leave a subtle scent. Zoha Fragrances are known for their wonderful ability to last longer than alcohol-based perfumes, and are crafted for both men and women.

13. Ayla + Co. Diaper Bag with Vacuum

I know what you’re thinking – another diaper bag? Have you seen one that holds its own portable vacuum? There’s a vacuum in the Ayla Diaper Bag pictured above. Try and find it! This bag from Ayla + Co. goes beyond the diaper years with gender-neutral designs and the add-on vacuum, which has a modern ergonomic design for cleaning up those messes and is especially useful for allergy parents to get rid of those allergenic crumbs!

14. Our Tiny Roots Jammies

Smooth like butter! Jammies undercover! Tiny Roots makes the highest quality bamboo clothing and accessories for babies and children. With each print being thoughtfully created, the company creates unique, hand-crafted designs for each of its collections. Amazing for eczema-prone skin!

15. Skillmatics Games

Including more family time on your new year’s resolutions? Less screen time? Weekly game nights? More road trips? Skillmatics has got our families covered! We especially love the portable write-and-wipe kits to take on the go, as well as the Guess in 10 games and STEM building kits.

16. Miniware Eco-Friendly Dishware

Tired of cheap kids’ dishware that keeps breaking and cracking? Or perhaps you just don’t want to break the bank getting higher quality cutlery? We may have found a gem in Miniware! Their tableware is very durable, is either 100% plant-based or food-grade silicone, is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and is made of materials (PLA) that are 100% Melamine- and BPA-free with no chemicals additives.

17. Katchy Indoor Bug Catcher

Master the art of indoor insect control! This automatic UV Light indoor insect trap with an automatic sensor is meant for catching fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. The UV light attracts the winged pests and the fan sucks them in while the sticky glue boards trap them. Easily place in bedrooms, kitchen, or office as a decorative, stylish piece!

18. Sleek Socket®

The sleek socket drastically reduces, and in some cases completely eliminates, obstructions between furniture and traditional plugs attached to an outlet. Perfect for families with children (and even pets)! The sleek socket is an innovative and affordable product that allows you to completely hide unsightly, unsafe, and inconvenient outlets via a unique ultra-thin design that’s about the thickness of a pencil on top of an outlet.

19. EQUO Straws

Take a sip and relax into the new year! Enhance your beverages this season with natural straws from EQUO. Designed by harnessing the raw power of mother nature, EQUO’s reusable straws are a great ecological alternative to reduce single-use plastic consumption. Made from natural ingredients such as coconut and sugarcane, they’ll never get soggy and last an infinite amount of time in liquids. You can even find boba-sized straws!

20. Bubble Tree Sustainable Original Bubble System

You can NEVER have too many bubbles! The American Bubble Company came up with the first-ever eco-friendly sustainable bubble system that uses a non-toxic bubble solution made in the USA – The Bubble Tree. The all-inclusive system features a no-mess solution dispensing spout with an auto shut-off valve to refill reusable aluminum bottles.

21. Innobaby Flex & Lock Lunchbox

Innobaby has just launched an innovative and patent-pending bento box designed to make lunchtime more enjoyable. Created with a mission to create an easy-to-clean lunch packing alternative to mold-prone lunch boxes, the new Flex & Lock lunchbox gives parents the confidence to sack meals in a safe way, while making things fun for children, with accessories to decorate and personalize their boxes. Its silicone plate doubles as a mold-free leakproof seal and is made of high-quality BPA-free materials.

22. Zip Top Containers

Zip Top containers are not only super easy to use, but they also save storage space, are made for little hands to access, and help eliminate harmful plastic wastes. We store everything from fresh-cut fruit to non-perishables in these durable – microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe – pouches. The 100% platinum silicone construction contains no BPA, plastic, fillers, or other harmful chemicals.

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