I’m Not Crafty, But I’m Making a Summertime Scrapbook, Anyway


    easy summer scrapbookThis year, instead of saying, “Wow! Summer went fast,” and leaving those memories in the dust, I’m vowing to take time to reflect on all the things my family did over the last few months, and I hope you do, too. The start of the school year means launching into the next round of To Do’s, but I want to step back and appreciate the big and small things of family life in a more tangible way than scrolling my Facebook photo albums because that inevitably leads me to look at my newsfeed, which leads me down a rabbit hole of memes, comment sections. . . you know how it goes.

    Whether you took a big family trip, the kids were busy with camps, or it was the same routine as the winter months, I know you have lots of pics on your camera roll that are begging to be printed. So do it! I’m close to a Walgreens (who isn’t in this city?), so I usually order them online from there and pick up the same day. My new goal is to actually do something with them, rather than keeping them stuffed in the envelope from the store. Since I have an art-loving five-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son who loves looking at photo albums, we’re giving scrapbooking a whirl. 

    I’m starting from scratch, so I stocked up on a scrapbook, themed paper, beachy stickers, and fun tapes (we’re keeping it basic, people): 

    I’m also printing out these activity sheets from The Magical Attic so my son and daughter can pick the drawings that remind them of our summer and contribute to the book. Click below to print your own!

    [easy-image-collage id=10103]

    [easy-image-collage id=10104]

    [easy-image-collage id=10105]


    Share your favorite ways to capture summertime memories in the comments below!



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