A New Way to Celebrate


The Problem

Our teachers and school staff are faced with the impossible; educating students during a pandemic. More than ever, we need to show appreciation for educators and let them know we support them. And because parents aren’t allowed on campuses at the moment because of COVID-19, it’s even harder to get other parents together to sign a card and help spread the love.

The Solution

illume is a digital group card tool that makes it super easy and meaningful for multiple individuals to pool videos, photos, GIFs, and notes to appreciate or celebrate a recipient whether it’s a teacher or school staff. All for free.

Sohale Sizar had the vision to scale love and kindness during his studies at Stanford Business School. He launched illume just a few months ago. It is super easy to use and takes 30 seconds to create a card!

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll create a login so that you are able to manage not only what the card is celebrating, but also reminders to celebrate every year (like a birthday or anniversary), and to keep track of who else you want to “sign” the card.

From there, you’ll be able to choose the theme, add notes, photos, a video, or a gif. It’s really up to you! You’ll be able to send the card through emails or share the unique link that is created. As people are “signing” the card and adding their own messages and photos, you’ll be able to see the progress and know when it is ok to send. Tip: You can add a deadline so others know when you need it back.

Reasons to Celebrate with illume

  • Working from home with your team spread out across the country or the world?
  • Want to celebrate a birthday milestone of a family member who is deployed?
  • Is your class reunion coming up?
  • Trying to keep an anniversary surprise, an actual surprise?

These are just some of the situations in which an illume card would be the perfect fit!

Pool Funds for a Gift Card

In addition to easily bringing a group together for a card, illume allows groups to pool money with the group card to purchase a group gift card. Specifically, groups can pool funds into a gift card from UberEats, Aesop, Crate & Barrel, Ben & Jerry’s, among other gift cards. Thus, making the whole process of collecting sentiments and money from groups seamless and easy to do.


One of our contributors tried it out:

It’s more important nowadays than ever to let the special people in your life you’re thinking of them and you are grateful for them! My cousins and I, who are scattered across the globe, came together and sent our grandma a group card via Illume for her 100th birthday this year. It is such an easy platform to use, that it took each of us minimal effort to upload our own personalized greetings to her. At a click, our grandma can look at the card as many times as she fancies, and hopefully, this is a little something that can remind her that we are all thinking about her.

An illume group card isn’t just another group digital card. It’s a day-changing, mega heartwarming, gratitude showering, “wow, I feel loved” experience. It’s where individuals come together and contribute meaningfully to a card for someone who shines.

Create and send one TODAY!


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