You Might Be a San Francisco Mom If . . .


    Raising a family in San Francisco comes with special privileges and challenges. You might be a San Francisco mom if . . . 

    You buy milk at the corner store using Apple Pay.

    You pay your babysitter with Venmo.

    You’ve considered sending the preschool admissions director cookies to increase your child’s chances of acceptance.

    You’ve said the words, “You just can’t get ANYTHING here for less than 1.5x.”

    You downloaded the parking app solely to avoid parking tickets when picking up your kids.

    You come home to find strangers non-chalantly smoking weed on your front steps, and your kids aren’t fazed.

    You earn a six figure salary but still live in a small two bedroom.

    You drive behind a Tesla and are like, “meh.” 


    What unique things make you a San Francisco mom? Share in the comments! 


    Sarah Tarantino

    A native of New England, Sarah moved to San Francisco from Massachusetts in 2003. After meeting her husband, a native San Franciscan, she knew that she was going to become an ‘SFMom’! An interior designer in her former life, Sarah now owns her own everyday stationery line, ted&kate and custom wedding invitation business. When she isn’t designing spiffy, immaculate paper products, she can be found running the streets of SF, or at home with her perfectly imperfect, sometimes spiffy, rarely immaculate, always interesting and inspiring Kidlets, aged 7 and almost 4.

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