Things Kids Do That Would Be Creepy If They Were Adults


if kids were adults

My sister-in-law and I were recently joking about all the things kids can get away with that adults, well, just can’t, like having a big tantrum in public. Then, there are the things kids do that are sweet or funny because they’re kids but would be downright odd if an able-bodied adult were to engage in the same behavior. 

Things like…

Smelling their moms’ hair and playing with it.

Watching other people poop.

Drinking breastmilk.

Asking 17, rapid-fire questions that all begin with “Why?”

Proudly announcing when they fart.

Yelling “penis” in a crowded restaurant.

Proclaiming someone their best friend five minutes after their first interaction.

Talking to puppets as if they were real.

Being naked whenever they get the chance.

Wearing underwear with cartoon characters on it.

Saying, “Look at my new underwear,” to strangers.

Staring at people in public. 

Writing letters like this:

[easy-image-collage id=3944]

In time, our well-meaning kids will pick up more social cues and their silly and sometimes embarrassing-for-us behavior will wind down. Until then, share your funniest kid stories in the comments! 


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