“Last Day of School” Printable Signs for the DIY-Challenged (Like Me)

(This post is sponsored by Ted & Kate.)

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I have never been and never will be a crafty mom who makes things from scratch to capture special moments in my kids’ lives. I couldn’t even manage to slap those circle numbers on them when they were babies to track how many months old they were, and my handwriting is too atrocious to attempt a chalkboard announcement. Seriously, a college professor once made me come in and type up my answers to an exam because she refused to try to read what I’d written in my blue book.

So, I’m very grateful to stationary designer Sarah Tarantino of Ted & Kate and Woods & Company who created custom “Last Day of School” graphics for us. Print them out, have your kids hold them up for their official end of the school year photos, and voilà! You’ve done your job of being the family historian without making major purchases at a craft store. 

Once that’s out of the way, be sure to check out our Summer Camp Guide and Bay Area Summer Bucket List to take advantage of your kids new found freedom. 

If you have a few days before picture time, make a personalized sign like the one at the top of this post that includes the name of your child’s school:

  • Visit Sarah’s website and enter your child’s grade and school name.
  • Use the code SCHOOLSOUT at checkout.
  • Select “at studio pick up” for shipping (don’t worry, Sarah will email you the PDF to print).

Click on the images below to print!

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Visit Ted & Kate for personalized options.

Use the code SCHOOLSOUT to order your FREE personalized Last Day of School sign.


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